Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYE 2010

Thanks to the exciting recent discovery that Ted Baker - a London-based brand - opened a store here in Chicago, my New Year's Eve getup is decided. I purchased this flirty, ruffled black minidress for half-off and will accessorize with items I already own to complete the look. The gold mesh clutch shown here is not the exact one I have, but it's similar. I bought mine from Express for a measly $5 years ago, and it's gotten me through many nights when my all-black ensembles needed that something extra. I'm heading out shortly to get my nails done, and I think the light pink of Essie's Sugar Daddy will soften the otherwise bold black and gold outfit. Want to know a secret? I haven't had a manicure since my friend's wedding in August. It's long overdue, and I am excited.

1. Ted Baker Neuva dress | 2. Gold mesh clutch | 3. Nine West black leather pump | 4. Kate Spade single ball earrings | 5. Essie Sugar Daddy nail polish

I won't be writing again until after the weekend, so I hope you all have a super fun holiday, and Happy New Year!


  1. Such an adorable outfit! I am definitely going to need to check out this new little shop! Hope you have a great New Year's Eve!

  2. great buy Alaina! Ted Baker always has some great hits!

  3. I LOVE it! Fantastic choices all around.

  4. What a lovely dress! So versatile and you can get a ton of wear out of it by switching up accessories and hose. :) Happy New Year!

  5. What a great outfit! Have a wonderful New year!

  6. Love your picks - dress is amazing. I use Sugar Daddy frequently - a lovely shade. I'm sure you'll look stunning!!

  7. I love love looove that Ted Baker dress!!!!

    thank you for making the year 2010 more interesting for me, hope you will have a rocking new years eve party and see you next year! xo, Kat

  8. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    I may possibly tag along on my husband's biz trip to Chicago in April. Would love to meet up if I do :)


  9. oooh those Kate Spade earrings are my favorite!!

    Be sure to enter my CSN stores giveaway:

    Happy New Year!! :)

  10. So pretty! Love that dress! Happy New Year doll!!!!




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