Monday, January 10, 2011

Anthropologically Speaking

The styling, photography, and graphic presentation of Anthropologie's new spring line have sent me into sensory overload. Everything is b-e-a-utiful! Clearly the photographer is a god among men, but my hat's also off to the graphic designers. The black film reel amplifies the vibrant colors of the clothes and scenery, adding a bold, edgy look to their typically neutral, toned-down graphics. And as expected, the clothes are as delicious as the presentation. Cheers to you, stylists. I'd gladly add any of these colorful, feminine frocks to my spring wardrobe. But since I can't buy it all, I choose...

...these two.

What items caught your eye? If you say none, I know you're lying, and no one likes a liar.


  1. aaah they know how to make it work, dont they? Love than green skirt!

  2. Oooohhh.....I think I need that yellow necklace with your grey jacket. Definite eye candy!

  3. Grey jacket - great basic piece.
    (you will have it forever)

  4. I have a polka dot blue dress and I love it. Of course its from Urban (Anthro's younger slutty sister) so its quasi-too short.
    But yes, the marketing team at Antrho are geniuses. I swear their clothes wouldn't sell without them.

  5. I love them ALL!!! Have you seen the new cosmetic bags?!? They are adorable! I need one of each :) Love your blog by the way!



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