Thursday, January 6, 2011

London Calling

So, it's happening again. My daydreams of moving back to London have resurfaced. Images of row houses, black taxis and Pret a Mangers around every corner dance about in my mind, tempting me to return to the city of posh accents and Kate Middleton. I'm thinking all I need is $3.5M to purchase this bright Holland Park flat (plus the $400 for a one-way plane ticket) and all will be well.

The whitewashed walls and wide-plank floors open up this admittedly small space. The Saarinen table along with the pink and yellow accents beckon my girly side, and the cobblestone street outside is the icing on the cake. Yes, I think I'd be quite happy here. Once settled in, I could walk to high tea at Kensington Gardens or peruse Portobello Road Market on Friday afternoon, before the weekend crowds descend.

If only...

Happy Weekend!


  1. Beautiful. Great post for a Friday. : )

  2. SOOOOO charming. I'm coming with you.

    xoxo Katie

  3. I <3 London too! When do we leave? ;)

  4. Do it! What's $3.5 mil?, chump change is all ;)

  5. GREAT idea! That $3.5M is no problem, but that $400 might put you over..
    Happy Friday!

  6. Your posts always make me so jealous! I think we have the same eye for living spaces. If only I had a few million dollars to spare...

  7. Great flat!! Wouldn't that by loverly. Coincidentally just reconnected with an old English boyfriend - he has children the same - might have to make a big trip to introduce them all!

  8. I too am craving an infusion of style from my homeland, Britain.

    This post made my day!

  9. Ah this is making me miss my semester in London so much!

  10. I just discovered you blog & loved it. I'm an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia & I found it very inspiring. Blogging is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it. It's got a bit of everything fashion, interiors, food, travel spots - hopefully you will find something in there that you like.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  11. Don't do it! Come to Edinburgh instead, there's the same poshness and black cabs and the occasional royal, but property is comparably dirt cheap. You know you want to.


  12. There's a Pret a Manger opening on Adams, a block or so east of Union Station. I was so excited to see it under construction! I used to eat there all the time when I was studying in London.



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