Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Love Is in the Kitchen

Meet Celia Tejada, the senior vice president of product and design at Williams Sonoma Inc. Meet Celia's kitchen. Everything you'd ever expect from a kitchenware and home goods guru, complete with three-inch carrera marble countertops, two ranges, and not a single overhead cabinet (Tejada is 5' tall and wanted the space to be practical).

The styling in this shot kills me. I can only assume Tejada owns most of the product line at Williams-Sonoma, and quite a few pieces from Pottery Barn, as well. Note the giant pocket watch clock. I have the smaller version next to my bed. But I must admit, my garlic collection doesn't hold a candle to Ms. Tejada's.

I spy and love one polka-dotted apron, two Persian-like runners (both of which are actually from PB), four vintage bar stools (although those might actually be PB also), and one extra perty wine fridge.

Rows of white dishes and red wine. What is this magical place? The window-backed shelf reminds me of a photo I posted ages ago. I'm sure the backdrop of natural light keeps the room bright even on San Francisco's gloomy days.

And finally. Because it wouldn't be complete without a red piano, oversized spotlight, and a comfy place to kick your feet up. Of course, if I had my druthers, I'd switch out all the red accents in lieu of soft yellow hues, and I'd prefer white cabinets to the dark wood, but other than that, I'd say Ms. Tejada aced this one.


  1. The piano sealed the deal, I totally need this kitchen. Add to the fact that I'm not much taller than Ms. Tejada, and this kitchen is absolute perfection! Pretty sure I'd make a career out of cooking at home if I lived there (and I would play the piano while waiting for the food to finish baking/simmering/whatever).

  2. Love her color choices. The eclectic style is to die for. Love.

  3. Very nice. I really like the "Love is in the kitchen" art. Could easily be turned in to a DIY with lots of variations.

    But when do we get to see YOUR kitchen?? I've been waiting (sort of) patiently since your sneak peak last week. HAHAH

  4. This post warms my heart. Celia is actually a friend of my business partner's, and, therefore, I once had the unique pleasure of dining in her home. It was a night to remember. Please rest assured, the love and warmth that radiates from that kitchen is authentic and truly special. It was such a treat to see this on your blog! Best, Sarah



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