Thursday, January 20, 2011

Struck Gold

A reader and fellow blogger emailed me the other day asking if she could use images from the Gold Flatware post I wrote a couple weeks ago. I said of course and that I'd love to see the post once it was up. So this morning, Julie of Monkey Grass Hill emailed me the link to her post, and I am still glowing green with envy after reading it. Julie quite literally struck gold. You can read the whole story on her blog, but the short version is: on a regular trip to her favorite thrift store, she spotted an antique(?) set of gold flatware - we're talking full service for twelve, serving pieces, luncheon forks and spoons, and more - for $40!


Rereading my post, I noticed the flatware I featured ranged from $98-$115 a place setting! How crazy is that?! Julie got 12 place settings and then some for a fraction of the cost. Congratulations, Julie! Pretty please post more photos the first time you host a dinner with it.


  1. Wow. Amazing find! So jealous.

  2. Unbelievable..where is this thrift store!?!

  3. Holy jealous Batman. I am obsessed with gold flatware but can't justify buying another set of forks and knives at store price. This find is amazing!

  4. Great utensil collection! Congrats on the winner!

  5. Wow - she struck gold indeed! What a beautiful set! JEALY!

  6. Jealous! That's amazing and I will now search thrift stores and consignment store for gold.



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