Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LCY in NOLA: Perch Store Tour

At the tip top of my list of things to do in New Orleans was to make a visit to Perch, a home goods and antique store in the Garden District. I learned about the beautiful store and their many treasures through blogging, and I simply had to see this place in person. As soon as I walked up the front stoop, I knew I was in for a treat.

Of course I had to get a photo with store owner and the blogger behind Visual Vamp and the Perch blog, Valorie Hart. How fantastic are her boots?

Overstuffed embroidered pillows piled atop a polka-dotted coverlet. Mmm, I like.

Love the juxtaposition of this modern pineapple lamp and the antique door. And I'm just now noticing the oversized apple core. How fun is that? Perfect for a kids room.

Awesome, awesome rug. Oh - and pretty much everything else in the room. See the little mushroom on the side table? If it wasn't concrete, that would have found its way back to Chicago with me.

Linen settee with nailhead trim adorned with an ikat pillow. Do you see why I had to visit this place? Also, I know it's difficult to see, but the rug below was made from recycled bottle caps. And it's gooorgeous. How cool is that?

This jaw-dropping black glass chandelier hangs in the front room. Talk about a statement piece. Can you imagine it in an all-white room?

If only I had room in my luggage for these antique, oversized doors from France. And one of the paper mache bull heads.

Mmm yummy grey velvet topped with lemon yellow pillows. And how sweet is the mini lucite Louis chair?

I really wanted this pig. Alas, I did not buy him.

I did, however, make away with this union jack pillow. Having lived in London for some time in college, I am a self-proclaimed Anglophile and love anything that reminds me of my time there. The fabric of this pillow is super soft and distressed, so the colors are faded instead of the normal saturated red and blue of most union jack products. It has now replaced the yellow ikat pillow on my desk chair.

The black and white photography in this room was hauntingly beautiful. Misty landscapes and shadowed figures...

Paper mache birds. I don't like birds, but I was drawn to the lines of these guys. I thought they made a great decor piece, especially against a darker colored wall, and they were priced quite reasonably ($45). I knew it would be a risk traveling with them (and I was low on room in my suitcase as it was). But I see they're available for purchase online. Interesting...

The dramatic mirror, the colorful drapes, the lucite Louis chairs, and the black flower pillows. I love it all.

The chandeliers were bananas. I mean - do you see that purple murano-style glass? It also comes in red and turquoise and sells for $1750.

In an effort to change up the decor in my living room, I am thinking of taking on a painting project, something I have never done. This beautiful piece perfectly captures the colors and look I'd like in my own home: soothing, dreamlike colors in soft, messy brushstrokes. Filing this away in the back of my noggin.

A bevy of antlers! My favorite decorative accent.

Another interesting painting - although the colors are much brighter than I am looking to do in my home.


  1. I am not sold on the zebra--but everything else I LOVE. Beautiful chandeliers, rugs, embroidered pillows. Gorgeous.

  2. I see at least 10 things I need. Loving the pineapple lamp and the vintage table that it's sitting on.

    I have to find 2 nightstands and need them to be reasonable. I feel like we should go hunt them down. You're so good at this.

    When the randolph street market starts up again let's go!

  3. I'm so jealous! That rug and the settee are amazing. Putting on my must-visit list now!

  4. i'm heading back to NO for my 20 year high school reunion in 49 days (yes, it's a count-down at this point). thanks for reminding me about perch! i'm afraid i'll be at cafe du monde every single morning while there.



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