Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion vs Furnishings | 4.29.11 wedding edition

It's the big day.
Do you splurge more on the dress and shoes,
or the venue and decor?

And a post wouldn't be complete today without a photo of the beautiful Princess Catherine. Can I call her that now? I'm not sure how that works... My favorite part of the gown designed by Sarah Burton, head of Alexander McQueen, is the lace covering her upper back. It's feminine and exquisite, and she looks perfectly lovely. And I am so excited at the thought of a resurgence in bridal gowns with sleeves. I think it's an elegant look perfect for more traditional brides.

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  1. So unbelievable. I could not stop staring at her this morning! So poised and elegant.

  2. Loved her dress!! Such a lovely wedding!

    I think I would spend more on the photographer, because an amazing photographer can make anything and everything look amazing :)

    But to stick to your poll, I think the dress and the shoes :) We'll have to see how it works in reality when I do get married!

  3. i think id go with the decor (and the FOOD!) i realllly want everyone to have a great time at my wedding next year and i think having the right atmosphere and great food (and an open bar!) helps a lot :) lovely meeting you last night! i hope we can all get together again soon! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. Considering my what I did for my own wedding. Vegas. It was the SHOES - so fashion! Patent Peep Toe CL's. And then photos!

    PS - I had SO much fun with you last night, seriously drinks soon!!?!

  5. alright, i've made my decision: absolutely the decor.

    p.s. i'm loving the long sleeves and the lace on kate as well!

  6. I'd have to say the decor and location. You can hunt for an affordable dress and shoes, but I don't think you should try for bargain flowers or venue.

    So great meeting you last night! :)

  7. Easy, no question: the decor!! The dress is something you'll probably never wear again, but the ambiance created by the location and decor is what you -- and your guests --will remember forever.

    Watching the Royal Wedding this morning I had a you think they chose those tall trees for the abbey because if they could've done any wedding they wanted, they would've done a small, outdoor affair in the country somewhere???

  8. I splurged on what will make the guests HAPPY! Great music, food, an elegant but comfortable environment ~ the dress is fun, but to be honest it is pretty much ruined after gliding around all day ~ and what people talk about is the time they had, not the dress you wore ~

    Happy weekend~

  9. Spend money on the food, drink and entertainment. A wedding is a celebration, not a fashion show.

  10. I agree- decor!!

    And looooved the wedding gown- she is elegant and classy and didn't disappoint. So excited to have a princess whose clothes are so gorgeous!

  11. This is such a hard one...ok it's too hard to answer. I mean the dress is so important but so is the party have to have awesome music and lots of champagne!
    Oh and Princess Catherine was beautiful!

    Jayme & Mendi

  12. mmm difficult one, but in this occasion probably the decor! decor, flowers,tables, food, you know overall!
    She looked amazing, didn't she?

  13. My priorities would be making it a great party and having a great photog, so I guess I'd have to say the venue! She looked so Grace Kelly, it was awesome. :)

  14. The decor all the way. I could handle saving on the dress. Almost anything will look decent with hair, makeup accessories and bouquet.

    But its the food, the decor and the party that the guests will really enjoy and that's more important to me than spending thousands on the dress.

  15. definitely on dresses, but need to splurge more on shoes, haha!

    ...just loving your new blog discovery! you are one of my favs from now on! xoxo

  16. she looked gorgeous!! that dress...

    which makes me feel like i need to pick dress/shoes...

  17. Decor! And photography (the only thing that will last after the big day besides the marriage).

    The dress was amazing - handsewn lace applique on the skirt in flowers symbolizing the different regions of GB. Just beautiful.

    Technically she is "Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge"... she won't be "princess" until William is named Prince of Wales when his father becomes King.



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