Monday, April 11, 2011

For me, springtime is synonymous with pink.

This living room and kitchen are practically screaming springtime. No doubt it's the plethora of pastels and florals that get my brain dreaming of warmer temperatures and budding blooms.

My living room had a similar look last spring, but then I neutralized it when fall came around, replacing the blue pillows, pink flowers, and yellow forsythia branches with black, white, and grey accents. Of course, now that Chicago temperatures are rising north of 60 degrees and sunshine floods my apartment every day, it's time to reclaim the colorful palette I had going this time last year. So, I'm in the market for some pink accents. As previously stated, I prefer blush pink to hot pink when it comes to interior decor, so I turned to Etsy in the hunt for affordable pink pillow options.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

But I can't decide! There's one I'm leaning toward, but I'm not set on it.

What do you think? Vote here!


  1. done done, love the solid pink, very classy!

  2. Oh yes, do reclaim pink!! I truly enjoyed the pictures posted.

  3. I like the solid pink- the shade is perfect. And ps, I always say yes to pink- the perfect shade in my opinion:)

  4. I like the solid pink or the numbers...Yesterday was such a TEASE!!!!! I want to frolic with you in the sunshine!

  5. Loving the solid or the numbers!

  6. o fun! i love the pops of pink, my favorite pillow is the stripped one. xoxo jcd

    ps link your interior design post to the 'decorate this space blog crawl'!:: cornflake dreams

  7. Definitely #4, love it BIG time, the print and the color, just perfect!

  8. love the numbers! adorable

  9. I will have affordable pink monogrammed pillows! My site is launching within the next week.

    I know you'd love it:


  10. LOVE the burlap numbered pillows! They're fun an funky. And if you got tired of the checkered one's, you could add gold accented pillows behind them! Etsy has some great gold options.




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