Friday, April 15, 2011

One Isn't Always The Loneliest Number

...for tying shoes or getting those pesky rainboots on and off.

In the BEDROOM: double as a nightstand or extra storage.

At your DESK:
...pretty self-explanatory.

...when you want to try the mismatched seating look.

In the BATHROOM: use as a towel table.

We all know that buying groups of 2 or more chairs for a dining table can cost a small fortune. But every once in a while, a chair comes along that you fall in love with, a la the hot pink Thonet chair from Friday's Fashion vs Furnishings. And you want more than anything for one of those beautiful, four-legged creatures to come live at your house. But, as I saw from several of your comments on Friday's post, you might be unsure of how to utilize a single chair all by its lonesome. Above are several examples of how a chair can stand alone: as seating in an entryway, as a nightstand next to your bed, as a desk chair, around a table with other mismatched chairs, or in the bathroom where it can hold towels or toiletries next to the tub. Proving that one isn't always the loneliest number, but rather quite a practical one.

So for those of you chose the clutch on Friday, have I convinced you to reconsider?


  1. Not if I have to give up that fabulous clutch, but I do see the benefits of a single chair. The one in our bedroom has quickly become the new clothes hanger.

    Happy Monday Alaina!

  2. Love love love a chair in the bathroom! And in the entry way, very inviting :)

  3. Yes! I'd love that chair at my desk. It's bright glossiness can definitely stand alone. Great post!

  4. i didn't cast my vote on friday but my vote would have gone with the chair - so this post just reinforces my vote! the clutch is awesome but i've bought many of my fabulous clutches at the thrift store - none costing more than $5 :) the thrift store is a gem for clutches (and belts!)

  5. I love a chair as a bedside table! Great post Alaina!!

  6. Three dog night!!! LOL Love that song. Cool post! I never would of thought of this.

  7. I love chairs. I have so many random chairs they seem to randomly pop up in the middle of rooms or in corners for no particular reason. Those photos have given me wonderful ideas for them [and I have another one thats waiting to be refinished woooo!]

  8. I LOVE chairs and have to be careful not to bring them home from the thrift store all. the. time.

    These are great examples of mixing chairs or even having them on their own - I also love a pair of mis-matched chairs under a gallery wall and with a stack of books. Not practical, necessarily, but you always have an extra chair to pull up to a dinner party that way!



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