Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Dream Home

I was so excited Paloma of La Dolce Vita asked me to participate in her Dream Home guest series. Piecing together the perfect house was fun but also a real eye-opener. Sifting through photos of beautiful rooms, I really took notice of not only what I think looks pretty but what was practical. Characteristics and details and furniture pieces I'd actually want to live with every day. I'm quite starry-eyed at the home I put together; above are just a few details. I encourage you to check out Paloma's blog at 3pm EST to see the rest! Let me know if it's what you thought it would be or not!


  1. These photos are dreamy, so fresh + clean! Also, you look adorable in your new picture! Such a perfect capture of you in your amazing office! xo

  2. I love this feature on La Dolce Vita! I can't wait to see what you picked out :)

  3. oh heading over to check it out, love seeing everyones faves. Tha bedroom is amazing! and love your new profile picture!



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