Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When you think about what they went through for us to be here...

...the least we could do is remember their day. Of course, I'm talking about Mother's Day. And forget about the generic card you grab last minute at the grocery store, and put those $4 toward something she actually wants. Something that will make her smile. I think the best gifts are the little luxuries people would like to have but would never buy for themselves. New accessories for an otherwise never-changing wardrobe, luxurious bath and body products, something unique, something gold. Here's my quick, fool-proof round-up of gift ideas to get mom this year. Because let's be honest, if anyone deserves it, it's a mom.

1. *family birth stone necklace // Kindred Stones $70 and up
2. hand-dyed throw // Jayson Home and Garden $135
3. python clutch // Lauren Merkin $200
4. **tuberose soy candle // Archipelago $30
5. postcard set // Alicia Bock $8
6. vintage brooch // Aly's Beads and Vintage Jewelry $14
7. **pistachio body crème // Laura Mercier $55
8. white lacquer tray // West Elm $29

* The Kindred Stones necklace allows you to choose different gemstones to coincide with the birth stones of your family members. Unique, beautiful, and sentimental, it's perfect for mothers everywhere.
** I have both of these products and cannot emphasize how fantastic they are. The clean-burning Archipelago candle leaves a refreshing, spring scent throughout my apartment long after I've blown it out, essential considering I live with two dogs.  And the lotion has transformed my skin to baby-like buttery softness. Not to mention it too smells fantastic.


  1. love all of these picks, thanks for the personal recommendations too!

  2. Such good picks...loving that throw!!

  3. I agree on the gift giving--Love the throw!

  4. Love that tie dye throw! And everything for that matter.

  5. Great gift ideas here:


    Melanie xx

  6. wow what great picks and ideas :) fabulous blog hun! xo

  7. Love the throw - great gift ideas

  8. i adore the clutch! great gift ideas :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  9. What a great gift guide - thanks for the last minute suggestions!

    - Ashley

  10. I love Laura's pistachio cream scents yuuummm...


    I agree mothers do deserve the best

  11. All great suggestions! (I wanna try the pistachio body cream myself...) I got my mom a necklace from Kate Spade and a big ole tub of Keihl's face cream, both of which I think would fit nicely on your board.

    PS Did you see that Emily Henderson knows Mark Champion from your The Marketing Genius that is JCrew post? http://www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/random-photos-of-ians-house-and-new-friends-in-town.html So crushable.

  12. OooH! Such great ideas - one that many moms would certainly love!

  13. I love that you added little comments! Lovely ideas Alaina! Moms deserve the very very best!

  14. Great ideas! And thanks for sharing your thoughts on the candle and lotion, I'm definitely getting the lotion on my next trip to Florida ;)
    Oh! and I checked out Kindred Stones, what a thoughtful and lovely idea!

  15. that throw is perfect!

    ps.. just found your blog.. love it!

  16. Great selection! I put that West Elm tray in a round up today too :) Great minds think alike haha

  17. i want to try that cream...the packaging itself is lovely!



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