Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carnival Cravings

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I'm fairly certain some magical summer serum (read: chardonnay and mojitos) has infiltrated every vein in my body so much so that I actually find myself craving the unexpected: an evening at a good ole'-fashioned carnival. Games, obnoxious music, flashing lights, fried elephant ears, the Ferris wheel, and my personal favorite, the Zipper. It all sounds too good to be true and reminds me of being 14 when my biggest concern in the world was whether the boy I had a crush on would be there, too. Oh... memories.

When was the last time any of you went to a carnival? Any plans to attend one this summer?


  1. Just wanted to share a link to a post I did about a sweet southern couple who had their engagement pics taken at my hometown's annual fair....SO Sweet!

  2. These are fantastic images! I am now craving the carnival myself! Happy summer!

  3. i went fairly recently actually and let me tell you....the zipper is not as fun if you're not a pre-pubescent!
    haha! these photos are super dreamy and as sweet as cotton candy though!

  4. Hahah Marissa - that cracks me up. I haven't been on it since high school, but I am excited to try it again! Thanks for the warning!


  5. Aw this makes me miss home; the annual fireman's carnival is going on right now!

  6. I went to the one on Brighton Pier last weekend and it was so much fun. Feeling very inspired by the pastel hues of this post!

  7. Not that the carnival and circus are the same things, but I highly recommend reading Water for Elephants to satiate your midsummer carnival craving!

  8. These are such GREAT summer images!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  9. Oh I absolutely loved this second picture from Anne / magalerie. That's why I asked her if we could show it in the last issue of sisterMAG and we paired it with the perfect song:



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