Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh my god, shoes.

Whenever Glitter Guide features a Glitter Girl or a Style at Home feature, my eyes are immediately drawn to the requisite shoe shot. I love seeing what kind of styles, brands, and colors people have in their collection. All heels? Mostly flats? Sandals? Pumps? A lot of colors and texture or are there more traditional styles? I know my personal collection is pretty much all over the board, but I generally purchase shoes that really pack a punch, whether they're covered in sparkles or cheetah print or bright colors. I avoid sky-high heels (can't walk in them) and I've never purchased any kind of wedge (simply don't like the look), but other than that, I say the funkier the better.

How about you? If you lined your collection up, would any time of pattern appear? Do you keep more traditional styles or do you get adventurous when it comes to dressing up your feet?


  1. Sadly, I've gone from mostly heels to mostly flats. They are just sooo much easier to last a 10 hour day in.

    I have an entire box full of sandals apparently I like those :)

  2. i own a whole lotta flats and sandals :) i cant handle the heels. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. oh, I want all of these please..

    well, I go for a classic but also original look in shoes! xoxo

  4. My shoes say "broke college student" so I wear the ever loving mess out of my shoes. My sandals are at near retirement along with my black pumps and MK flats.

  5. What a great collection! Now I want to go shoe shopping...



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