Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Paule Marrot Painting That Keeps Popping Up

Back in September, when I was at the Rue magazine launch party in the Century Furniture showroom of the New York Design Center, I fell in love with a painting they had on display. Entitled Feathers and painted by female French artist, Paule Marrot, it was dramatic in its femininity. Feathers and pastel-colored birds danced on a pink backdrop. I loved everything about it, and I even asked the photographer to capture a photo of Caitlin and I in front of it.

Fast forward a few months and I'm at Bailey's house helping her set up for a photo shoot of her home. And what painting had just arrived that she needed help hanging? The same one by Paule Marrot.

Fast forward a few more months later to Sunday, I'm flipping through this month's issue of Lonny (which I have to say might be my favorite Lonny yet), and what pops up in front of me? Paule Marrot's Feathers! And apparently it's available for purchase from Natural Curiosities.

I am so confused. Is there only one of these? Is it a series? I know there are reproductions, but I definitely saw original paintings on canvas in front of me each time. Can it be that Bailey bought the one I saw in September, then sold it back and it's the same one I'm seeing in Lonny? Obviously, I just need to ask her, which I intend to do... but what are the odds this same painting keeps popping up in my life? Clearly it's a sign that this pink beauty needs to come live with me.


  1. i definitely believe in signs! you need this painting! or a really good rendering of it. :)

  2. This painting is fabulous. I am interested to hear your findings!

  3. I think there are several paintings? If you take a close look to each one you can see that the placements of the birds and butterflies is different in each one, so I'm guessing she made a few. I have a Paule Marrot edition bag from Hayden Harnett and the pattern is really cool ;)

  4. I. Don't. Know. The exact answer to your question. I know that mine is slightly different than those in that it is oriented horizontally- notice how the notes on theirs indicate it should be vertical, and mine are horizontal. I think mine is one of like 26 prints of the same one? I know that they were done to be a fabric pattern. Paule is the lady who did that tulip fabric I am obseessed with for gmcb's room

  5. Nice painting the colours of the room are centered around the painting, it looks great.

  6. Just had a brief glance and it looks like the colours/ positioning of the birds and butterflies varies slightly between all three. A closer look should help you out!



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