Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So for the second year in a row, I missed the fireworks show.

Yesterday evening, my best friends and I gathered at what we thought was a prime location to see the fireworks show off of Navy Pier.

See that on the left-hand side of the water? That's Navy Pier. Perfect view. Unfortunately, the "Navy Pier fireworks" - as they are so poorly named - were shot off behind the building on the right, meaning for the second year in a row, we missed the fireworks show on the 4th of July. Sadface.

In other news, all of the folks in the amazing new Aqua building had a clear shot of the sparkly sky. I'd like to live there one day. It's maybe the coolest architecture I've ever seen.

Fireworks or no fireworks, I had another fantastic weekend in Chicago. The weather was absolutely perfect every day, my dad was visiting from out of town so we enjoyed some great food and music a couple nights, and my best friend turned 25.

And here's that sparkly top I was telling you all about! Fun, right? I pretty much hate the color red and don't own any fashion accessories in that particular shade, so I just went with red nail polish to complete my patriotic ensemble. Also, that's my dad. Not sure you've all met! Tom, meet the blogworld. Blogworld, meet Tom.


  1. Sorry to hear you missed the fireworks show... But all in all sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

  2. Love the sparkly top ! Sorry to hear about the fireworks but glad you had fun anyways :)


  3. Oh, that's sad! So close yet so far. In Seattle they do the show from a barge in the lake just north of downtown. Our house is on the hill right above the lake but for some reason we always end up a couple of miles away down the water. You can still see them though! Love your patriotic outfit :)

  4. You look so much like your dad! So cute! We watched the fireworks from our rooftop - and by fireworks I mean the fireworks that the whole city shot off. It was quite the show!

  5. at least you looked super cute and patriotic as you weren't watching fireworks!

    i couldn't agree more about red. dislike.

    happy belated 4th!

  6. Love the sparkly top! I wore a blue top (not nearly as cute as yours, though) with white shorts and red nail polish, too!

  7. Oh what a bummer but still the view looks amazing! I also hate red, have nothing in that color, I can do burgundy but scarlet red, never!

  8. Love that sparkly top! Although you missed the fireworks, at least you have a great time with family and friends. :) And you looked pretty, too!




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