Friday, September 9, 2011

Beds You Can Get Lost In

I love how the soft white bedding seems to engulf these beds, draping over the sides, waiting to scoop up whomever lays in them. I'm pretty certain if I were to hop in any of these right now, I'd get lost in a perfect slumber and no one would see me for days. Allergies + too much work + trying to cut back on my caffeine addiction = veeeeery sleepy Alaina. Fortunately, these 60 degree nights with a cool breeze coming through my window has me sleeping comfortably and calmly at night. But, oh how I can't wait to get under my scoochie down comforter again. All in good time...

For even more comfort, try a new Vi spring mattress that will really have you rushing to bed early for a great night's sleep! You can find Vi Spring products at And So To Bed
Happy weekend, all!

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  1. Ohh I love the first image! I'm pretty sure I could sleep for days in that bed :)

  2. oooh white and crisp bedrooms! love! hahaha I also blogged about bed today :)

  3. I love white bedding. Just ordered a new white comforter for my room! Can't wait for it to get here! :)

  4. Ohhhh how I love white bedding!! Beautiful photos. I would love to curl up in one right now too!!

  5. I love how comfy they look! Perfect for lounging, or getting cozy and watching a movie in bed. :)

  6. I've only been up for a few hours and these pictures make me want to hop right back in bed!

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