Monday, November 14, 2011

A HUGE Thank You to Jayson...

...for allowing me to get my most favoritest coffee table in the whole wide world!

Ok, let's rewind. April 27, 2010, I blogged about my love for the brickmaker's coffee table. For those of you too lazy to click over and see that post (yes, ya'll are missing out on the pretty pictures), here's what I said a year and a half ago about this table:
1. It's not stuffy or fancy, but it could easily work in a more elegantly dressed room. Or a casual room for that matter. I like it when my furniture swings both ways.
2. It looks old, more like I found it at a flea market in Paris versus my local furniture chain store. This table in particular is made from reclaimed elm.
3. It's huge. I love a huge coffee table to anchor a room. Perfect for playing games, displaying books, holding candles, and eating off of.
Alas, the cheapest version of this table I could find was $577. Not in the budget.

October 19, 2010: Tired and bored of my worn-in, Craigslist coffee table, I took matters into my own hands and gave it a facelift, sanding and painting the wood a bright shade of white. Excellent fix. This would hold me over for a while...

One year later, and I've still been hunting for a reasonably priced replacement for my living room. The best option I could find is the Durham cocktail table from Ballard, which retails for $350. Still not an option as this is more a want than a need.

November 11-13, 2011: Jayson Home and Garden hosts a warehouse sale. What is this you ask? 50-90% off their beautiful merchandise for three days only?! Sign me up! I head on over expecting to get nothing more than some pretty photos for the blog and an accent item or two for the holidays. But I must admit, the "accent and decor" section was lacking compared to the inventory of sofas and furniture - all of which were marked down to roughly $1000-1500 from the usual $2500+ prices. Note to self for when I am in the market for a new sofa. I finally reached the back of the warehouse, with nothing but a mother-of-pearl cake platter in hand, when I saw them. Stacked four levels high, Jayson's Chelsea coffee table (brickermaker's style) awaited, marked down to $200 from the original $995. Again, there was no hesitation. Sign me up!

Of course, most of them had already been marked sold, so I quickly looked over the three that were still available, grabbed the red tag off of one, went back up to the front register, and paid. With delivery fees and tax, it came out to $275, still a good chunk less than I would ever find elsewhere. Remember, Restoration Hardware sells a similar style for $1200+. No, I hadn't planned for this in the budget this month, but this was one of those too-good-to-pass-up finds. And I couldn't be more excited for its arrival this week! So I'll have a few less meals and nights out this month. So worth it.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you Jayson Home and Garden for making this girl's coffee table dreams come true!

How were all of your weekends?!


  1. I love that first couch with the nailhead trim and rolled arms! I want to replace my comfortable, but boring sectional that I have in my apartment and this couch would be perfect. Too bad I missed the sale.

  2. It was good and yours?
    Very nice table eheh
    Your dream comes true! I'm trying making my dream come true either. I want Royal from Boca do Lobo
    What you think about it?

  3. Love it all. Can you tell me more about those metal side tables?? Those are glorious and I must have them.

    Thanks and love your blog!

  4. Congratulations, that's so exciting!

  5. Amazing!!!! So so so exciting. That sale was incredible!

  6. Wow I never even heard of a sale that good! You hit the jackpot. I wish we had jayson in NYC!

  7. The sale sounds amazing !!! What an amazing price for that gorgeous table !


  8. GAAAH !! I went yesterday and it was a ghost year - my game face will be on, I am soo bummed!

  9. What a great story, so happy you got the table you wanted!

  10. I literally would have given anything to have gone to that sale- so so jealous. Great score on the table!!! And oh how I would have loved to have gotten my hands on those dining chairs!

  11. Oh the fun I could have had there! So jealous! Great score!



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