Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LCY in NYC: Cafe Cluny & Pastis

Friday night out in the Big Apple. I put my girl Danielle back on the subway (officially her second time on the rickety train) and we ventured downtown, arriving in the West Village around 6pm.

The original plan was to mosey around, pop in and out of shops, and snap some perty photos before our 8pm dinner reservation. But after twenty minutes or so, our toes were frozen in our ballet flats and the soft glow from the French corner bistro, Cafe Cluny, tempted us. So in we went and lattes we sipped. It was delightful.

Cafe Cluny
284 W 12th St 
New York, NY 10014

Shortly thereafter, we ventured over to the cobble-stoned Meatpacking District where we'd be enjoying dinner at what is officially my favorite spot in New York City. Pastis. Last time I was in town I ate there twice, and it was the first reservation I made when planning this trip. I have an addiction.

9 9th Avenue 
New York, NY 10014-1203
We showed up to the crowded restaurant an hour early, but fortunately snagged two stools at the subway-tiled and mirrored bar. White wine helped us pass the time until the rest of our party arrived, and we sat to dine. I had my favorite steak sandwich with Gruyere cheese, and split an order of the onion soup with Danielle. Just when I thought the night couldn't get any better, I look up and who do I see? Ryan Reynolds. I stared at the handsome face intently to make sure, but yes. Yes, it was Ryan Reynolds tucked into his fitted leather jacket and newsboy cap, placing a to-go order with the hostess while keeping his face downward. I can only assume the order was for him and Blake, who was lazily sitting at home waiting for her meal. After all, look at the size of the to-go bag. I was giddy and speechless and giggling all at the same time. I've only seen a handful of celebrities in my life, and most at a distance. But if I had to choose one to see a few feet in front of me, Ryan Reynolds is that choice.

Long story short: I love French restaurants. Go to Pastis next time you're in New York. I'm now craving that steak sandwich. And Ryan Reynolds is handsome.

View more photos from the night at Danielle's blog, Breakfast at Toast!


  1. You and Danielle look gorgeous, such an amazing trip for the two of you!

  2. This trip looks like so much fun (I've been following all week!), I just texted my sister and my friend who lives in NY and we are setting up a trip! :)

    And I love that you saw Ryan Reynolds.. I'm married but he is my celeb crush! ;)

  3. You saw Ryan Reynolds? You are SO lucky! I've lived in NYC for a year now and seen no celebs, and you see Ryan Reynolds on a four day trip. I have GOT to venture downtown more often!!

  4. You look gorgeous my dear! I've been to Pastis a handful of times and I've never seen anyone famous. Bummer!!

  5. That looks like such a great time! I cannot believe that you saw Ryan Reynolds; that's so amazing!

  6. Ah, the glamour of city living. Adding Pastis to my NYC to-do list just in hopes of celebrity-hotness sightings!

  7. Love your new profile pic! That neon pink blouse is totes adorbs.

  8. Great pictures, can't believe how close you were from him, I have a big crush on him, love his style!
    Next time in NY will definitely go to Pastis ;)

  9. Yes, Ryan is handsome indeed. Good sighting:)

  10. The meal sounds yum! and yay to star-sightings!

  11. Ryan Reynolds? Perhaps the best thing on the menu!

    Something 2 Write about

  12. What a fab night out! Ryan and Pastis! Pastis was our fave in NYC :) Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

    Abbey x

  13. Mad jealous that you saw Ryan Reynolds. He's on my laminated list. Fiance is well aware.

  14. Oh my gosh, I would have DIED! Same as Hydrangea Girl, he's on my laminated list, so it would be fine. Y'know, cos I'd probably have a chance ;-) And how great is the food at Pastis?!

  15. Ooooh, Ryan Reynolds. You totally should have "bumped" into him and "accidentally" ripped open his shirt to check out his abs.

  16. I'm a new reader and so funny because my husband and I contemplated going to Pastis when we go up to NY. I'll have to keep it in mind. Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorites!!!! I don't know what I would do if I saw him in person.



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