Monday, November 21, 2011

LCY in NYC: To ABC Carpet & Home and Back!

Where to begin! I FINALLY made it to ABC Carpet and Home. And it is just as overwhelming and amazing as you'd expect. The six-floor mecca of interior design and home goods kept Danielle and I busy for hours last Wednesday when we arrived in New York. Nothing impressed me as much as the collection of Aquasilk rugs we were presented with when we stepped off the elevator on the sixth floor. I couldn't help but stop and laugh, it was that great. The colors and sizes of these hand-woven beauties were unlike anything I've ever seen. Even the famously beautiful Madeline Weinrib showroom couldn't quite compare to the dramatic Aquasilk pieces. Saturated pinks, yellows, and turquoises layered one on top of the other, with steep price tags ranging from $5,000 up to $30,000 (at least that was the highest one I saw - wouldn't be surprised if it went up from that). Still, it was pretty fantastic seeing Weinrib's black and white Endless rug that is captured on her homepage up close and personal.

A few other items of note:
1. Loved seeing the Tom Dixon copper globe pendants in person! They are large and in charge.
2. Oh, how I wanted those blush pink porcelain plates... especially loved them paired with the charcoal grey version of the same style. Alas, $40 for a salad plate just wasn't in the cards.
3. Until the day when my dining room table is surrounded by a collection of Wegner wishbone chairs, anytime I see one, I will sit in it and have my photo taken. That's love.

While there, we also dined at ABC Kitchen, an entirely organic offering of sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, and entrees. I had the portobello sandwich and Danielle had the margherita pizza. Both were delish. As were the fries. The place settings were simple and charming, a combination of rustic white pottery and vintage-looking gold-rimmed china. The best part was that all of the plates, linens, and furniture in the restaurant are available for sale in the store. I'd definitely recommend enjoying a meal there, but be sure to make a reservation at least a few weeks in advance. We got there right when it opened so we were able to get a walk-in table, but within 20 minutes the entire restaurant was full.

The remainder of the day was spent walking through the city in the rain, popping in and out of some of our favorite shops picking up new goodies. You can read all about that on last Friday's post!And you can view more photos from ABC over on Danielle's blog.

Have any of you been to ABC Carpet and Home? What was your favorite part of the store?

*Note: All of the super pretty photos were taken by Danielle. The others are from my iPhone.


  1. LOVE this place. so glad you guys made it there! I went on Saturday and just marveled in the amazing xmas decorations.

  2. Isn't this place incredible? So glad you finally had an opportunity to visit! Did you also go to Fishs Eddy across the street?

    Come back to the East Coast soon!

  3. I could probably spend an entire weekend at ABC Carpet. It's one of my absolute favorite places. Love the inspiration on the first floor and the Madeline Weinrib showroom although you're right that the Aquasilk rugs are absolutely exquisite. Next time you have to try their Tapas restaurant Pippa. The ceiling is covered with gorgeous chandeliers that are of course all for sale.

  4. Those fries are making me hungry! I've been to ABC before but it was years ago. I want to go back and check out MW's stuff. I would give my left arm to have one of her rugs. They are beautiful. Looks like so much fun!

  5. Everything looks so beautiful! I love the ornaments. :)

  6. Isn't it a fabulous place?! I loved my trip to ABC. I think my favourite was the Madeline weinrib atelier. Great photos :)

    Abbey x

  7. Next time I am in New York this is a must. I could probably spend days on end in there. No really -- they have an organic cafe? Um, yeah, could basically live there.

    Everything looks so gorgeous and that couch that D is sitting in needs to be MINE.

  8. LOVE this store! Haven't been to the restaurant though - will have to try next time. Thanks for sharing pics!

  9. Tina @ heatherandtina.comNovember 21, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    You could dedicate an entire weekend trip to NYC and never leave ABC. It's kind of exhausting. Great new profile picture!

  10. I've know about ABC Carpet for years but have never had the opportunity to visit. Thank you for the wonderful photos. It looks like you could have spend an entire day there and then some! I love those pale coloured dished and ornaments.

  11. I wouldn't even know where to start there — everything looks so amazing! Love both your outfits, by the way.

  12. oh rug heaven! And love the metal industrial stools ;)

  13. Window shopping for sure! If only you could stick a few of those pieces in your purse... what a great place to explore.

    Something 2 Write About

  14. That home store looks awesome! I want one of those rugs!

    Lindsey Turner



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