Thursday, February 9, 2012

words worth reading

Need to call attention to my new favorite Tumblr page, Ring Them Bells, written by the clever and epigrammatic Elizabeth Duszynski

Once we stayed two weeks on a barge in France. Despite our digs, dilapidated as they were, our time in Paris was magic. We rationed our food, couldn’t afford a single trip on the Metro, spent our afternoons traipsing one end of the city to the next by foot—but still. Just try to have a rotten time in France, I dare you.

A history lesson: Long ago, some 6,000 to 10,000 years, the first blue-eyed baby was born off the coast of the Black Sea. A genetic obscurity that I will attempt to solve after I’ve eaten my lunch. The question remains: How advantageous is a blue-eyed gene? Hypothesis: Very.

It occurred to me yesterday, mid lunchtime stroll, that I have always considered taking a walk in high heels to be a valid form of exercise, akin to running on sand or lifting weights under water.

Every so often I find myself in front of the dairy case at the grocery store imagining how nice it would be to ring up the cat and ask him to please check if there are any eggs in the fridge. But would he do it? The chances are slim.

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  1. Love this. Thanks for pointing out this Tumblr, these quotes made me smile! Perfect pictures to accompany them.

  2. This is a new-to-me Tumblr, and it's a great find! Glad you pointed it out.

  3. This just made my day. I love her. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. That's so crazy about blue eyes; I never knew that! I also love the idea that high heels are a form of exercise! I really do think they are too. :)

  5. Love that quote about walking in heels. Couldn't agree more - walking in heels is a miraculous feat!

  6. Thanks for sharing this blog! I just read through the entire history. Love love love it.

  7. Posting that photo up was one of the best arguments you could have made for the advantages of blue eyes!

  8. Epigrammatic - great use of the word! And thanks for the heads up on the superfab tumblr! :) Can't wait to read more.

  9. hahaha - love this insight - thanks for sharing!



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