Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Browline Sunnies

Saw this lovely photo of SFGirlByBay's Victoria Smith taken by the talented Kimberly Genevieve (an Everygirl photographer!) and it reaffirmed my desire for a pair of sunglasses I spotted at Anthropologie on my last visit.

The browline sunnies are reasonably priced at $42, so the question is not whether to get them but which color do I get?


  1. Oh the pink are so retro + fun! But, tortoise is always classic...it's hard to decide!

  2. I like the coral ones. Retro accessories can really make an outfit!

    Quiet Luxury

  3. I'm leaning towards the tortoise. Still fun but more classic so you won't tire of them. That's just how I have to think about things because of ADD with fashion and decorating like nobody's business. I'm staying in this GORGEOUS home in Baltimore right now that is decked out in all of these warm tones, and now I want to go home and completely redo my apartment. It's never ending.

    I digress...

    pick whichever ones you would be disappointed if you didn't end up getting :)

  4. The tortoise provide more versatility, but the coral are a great accent piece....42.00 get both. :)

  5. The tortoise would definitely be my choice! It is such a classic color and will last you forever!



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