Monday, March 26, 2012

Hanging with Jayson

Yesterday, my other lady half and I ventured into one of our favorite Chicago shops to pick up some accessories for a shoot we are working on for The Everygirl. Every time I set foot in Jayson Home and Garden, I feel like I'm on a mini-vacation. Where all is beautiful and right in the world.

voluspa candles. 
smells like unicorns and a minty-colored dream.

kicking back - hey, i told you this was my mini-vacation.

i want to keep her.

Yet the only things in the store I can put on my credit card without shedding actual tears are the plants, books, and trays. And boy do they have some LOVERLY trays. Perfect for your entryway, coffee table, or corralling jewelry. Which would you get? I love the honeycomb. It's super thin pottery and kind of perfect in person. The gold feather tray is grand, as well. But that's on back order.


  1. I love the leaf! Saw it on Danielle's blog and haven't been able to stop thinking about it!

  2. beautiful.. the sofa is dreamy!

  3. Loving your mint colored jeans! What a cute outfit! This store sounds fabulous!

  4. I LOVE that chair! And the trays!

  5. I have been wanting that gold feather tray for forever!

  6. I sooo wish they had a DC location because I could definitely spend hours perusing and wandering the isles! Also love the minty pop of color you are sporting!

  7. love that lucite swing!

  8. All of these are wonderful! I love the gold and the black and white.



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