Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the everygirl + bhldn = i need something to wear!

not sure if you heard. the everygirl is hosting wedding week starting monday! we're doing it up right. from wedding fashion to tabletop decor to affordable bridal shower ideas to some top-notch career features... it is a VERY exciting week.

to celebrate, danielle and i are hosting an event at the new bhldn store here in chicago! if you're signed up for the list serve, you received the invitation last night. we so hope to see you there! sprinkles cupcakes, custom-decorated cookies, cocktails by femme du coupe, and a smilebooth. does it get much better?!

but we all know what this means. i need something to wear!

this flowery frock from the crew


one of these feminine wonders by my go-to guy, rolando santana
who ive decided might make the most perfect dresses for ladies
(the ruffle dress would come in blush pink)

thoughts? suggestions?


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  2. Alaina, that is incredibly exciting. If I lived in Chicago I would be there in a heartbeat! Keep the ATL in mind for the next EveryGirl trip;)

    Adore the floral frock. If it is an evening event I think the left Rolando Santana piece is perfection!
    :) Have a blast!

  3. I'm pretty much loving the ruffle dress. And in a blush pink color? Yes!

  4. I love the second dress. It's structured, shows off your body in a classy way, and would look fab on you!

  5. IM TRYING TO COMEEE. I wanna. And when I do, I want to see you in that blush pink ruffly concoction.

    (though I dont think you can go wrong with any of these choices. Also! Your little blush peplum number from Zara that you posted about a few weeks ago would also be adorbs)

  6. Hello from sunny barcelona

    the ruffle dress (in pink) is divine :) pair it up with some lovely earring and you will be set to shine

    have a great day

  7. They are both gorgeous! How exciting, I would totally come if I still lived there! My first thought is that I LOVE the floral one, you would really stand one and make a statement. But then the ruffled one says wedding week more... Such a tough choice! Whatever you chose, please post outfit pics!


  8. I love love LOVE bright florals for spring and summer!


  9. My vote is for one of the Rolando Santana creations...utter perfection! Wish I lived closer to Chicago, have a great time!

  10. So exciting! :) Hoping to make it.

  11. Love, love, LOVE the Rolando Santana dresses! ...and your blogs! :)

  12. J.Crew floral. Hands down.

  13. Love the floral dress, very season appropriately and you'll make a statement for sure. Now the Santana dress is very BHLDN don't you think? Love them both, don't know what to say!

  14. 100 % the ruffe dress! ahhh bhldn - i still kinds wish i for the grey pleat dress to my wedding - being in australia it was kinda hard & i wasn't going to order it without trying on...booo!

  15. I love the J Crew floral dress! It is bright, girly and perfect for any summer occasion!



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