Friday, May 25, 2012

a lil' bit of pretty. and a lil' bit of bbq-ing.

if i one day had an actual office with a lil' mini fridge, i'd spruce it up with these babies from leif. that's right. they're magnets. aren't they special?

busy weekend ahead of me! i was just talking with paula, and we were laughing how when you run your own business, you don't look at a holiday weekend as having an extra day off... you look at it as an extra day to squeeze work in! the everygirl has some fun cooking and styling features happening this weekend. fortunately i plan on making time for a lil' date night, girls night, and family bbq-ing.

speaking of bbq-ing. 

have any of you ever heard of marbles? as in marbles hardsgrove?

i fell in love with marbles back in college. none of us knew whether this was a real person... or a skit... or an amazing actor...

a few of my favorites:
"if you have not seen this gem, do yourself a favor and see it four or five times."
"robin williams is so good. he's so convincing as a priest... it's mind-blowing."
"randy watches aladdin, um... almost every night."
"no you're never gonna survive... cause i'm gonna eat you."

well, it turns out. it's not only an actor, it's melissa mccarthy! everyone's favorite bridesmaid.

ok, now i'm really out. happy weekend!


  1. I am in LOVE with those magnets. They are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I want to say that you are an inspiration to me. I'm going through some challenges right now and your blog brings a smile to my face. I dont delude myself about the fact that you life if perfect and my life in not right now. We all have challenges. But you have a positive attitude and keep on creating. THank you!

  3. Love those rock magnets! I am a rock collection and display them in glass boxes. (



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