Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Everygirl, meet Forbes. Charmed, I'm sure.

Tomorrow is the four month anniversary since launching The Everygirl.

And yesterday, this and this happened:

Forbes. They are THE list people. And as if making the list wasn't completely unexpected, a huge honor, and amazing enough... here's what the editors at Forbes had to say about their list of Top 100 Websites for Women:

So what do we look for? Informative and compelling content, smart navigable design, engaged communities and, of course, a voice that speaks to and for the female reader that’s kept fresh, timely and in-the-know by savvy staffers and impassioned writers. Inspire us to save money, change the world (or just ourselves), climb the ladder or strike out on our own and we’re getting on board. Of course, there are extra fun points for the sites that suck us in and help to pass the often-painful three-oh-clock hour. But here’s the real challenge: Does it have that amorphous and often indefinable quality that inspires us to share–with our social networks and in e-mails and conversations with our moms, sisters, friends and colleagues. - Forbes

The list of 100 includes supersized online A-listers like, oh I don't know... Pinterest. Huffington Post Women. Dooce. Blogging queen A Cup of Jo...

And then there's our lil' one, The Everygirl. She's growing up so fast.

The whole thing is just... Wow.

And as for making the Top 10 Websites for Millennial Women (aka 20-somethings):

I know from experience that we Millennials are a curious bunch. We’re the Girl Power generation, so we’re looking for career content that speaks to us directly, not afterthoughts in the mostly male world of cigars, golf outings and firm back-slaps. Trends show that we’re ambitious: two-thirds (66%) of young women ages 18 to 34 rate career high on their list of life priorities (compared to 59% of men). But we’re also entrepreneurial-minded: a recent study revealed that over half of us plan to start a business in the next five years. But above all we’re creative, web-savvy and largely free-wheeling. More than 75% of us our single, living in urban and suburban locales and looking to play just as hard as we work.

That couldn't describe our readership any better. I mean, essentially they're a bunch of awesome superladies.

So again, a big thank you to everyone. The editors at Forbes. Our readers and everyone who nominated The Everygirl. Our talented, generous contributors. Our funny, sweet, hard-working interns (Caitlin, Chloe, and Mary). My parents, family, friends, and colleagues.

And of course, Danielle.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! The Everygirl gets better all the time.

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  3. Congratulations! You ladies totally deserve it! Once again, The Everygirl is such an inspiration.

  4. That is AMAZING! Big big congrats. A huge achievement. I only recently discovered your blog & will stop by more often now...

  5. Congratulations! Well deserved.

  6. Wow! Congratulations! Time to celebrate!

  7. Congratulations! These are well deserved accolades from Forbes! I enjoy reading The Everygirl and look forward to what is next to come!


  8. AMAZING! So thrilled for you!


  9. Congradulations!

    I loved watching it from the get go, building up the ideas to us here and then watching it come to life. It has been amazing to watch your journey!

    As a writer, I really hope to one day achieve success and recognition like you have with The Everygirl. My 24th Bday is next Thursday and I'm setting some serious goals for my life because I'm not loving where I am in it. It's blogs like The Everygirl that make it seem achievable.

    Thank you.

    1. Bah! Realized I spelled congratulations wrong! Ha!

  10. Congratulations Alaina! You are destined for big big things!

  11. very very much deserved, very proud of you! xoxo

  12. I love The Every Girl. It definitely motivates and inspires me to drive myself and my creativity! I love a site that can provide content from women to women, and that empower women!!

  13. Congrats! I work for The Daily Muse which also got both of these as well; it's great to see such wonderful and creative women achieving so much!



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