Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the name is stoffer. maura and john stoffer.

and they are the stuff dreams are made of.

you know them already, although you may not realize it.

i first met maura when she assisted photographer emily johnston anderson in shooting crystal gentilello's apartment for the premiere issue of rue.

and this past winter, when i was over at danielle's helping her style her place to be featured in rue, guess who walks through the door, cameras in hand, but john and maura! they sure did a loverly job photographing d's place. naturally, danielle took that opportunity to mention "a project" we were working on (spoiler alert: it was the everygirl) and see if they'd be interested in shooting anything for us.

to our delight, they were.

it was miss maura who met us at a new leaf and the bourgeois pig to photograph danielle and me for our co-founders page on the site. i absolutely love the way the stoffer's capture light... all these images have a sort of dream-like effect to them.

and can we discuss how long my hair was? and how short danielle's was? whoa.

since then, maura and john have helped tremendously with the everygirl. just look. and we couldn't be more grateful. it was the two of them who shot our two-part bridal fashion feature in julia buckingham's white-washed showroom.

again - perfection.

they also photographed our event at bhldn...

yes, that's alex, liz, and jess you see pictured with danielle. us chicago bloggers - we stick together like peas and carrots. and for those of you who are attentive and/or curious, that tall handsome date of mine is in fact my bf i've referred to in recent posts. his name's mike, and he comes to my events even though he's the only guy in a sea of ladies. he's pretty great. but more on him later... [insertbigsmilehere]

back to maura and john and their constant radiation of awesomeness... just this past weekend, we were in a jam and needed a photo of a lady sitting serenely deep in thought for the everygirl's living well feature by jess constable. um... ok. could we have been more vague in that art direction? and they whipped this up faster than we could down a glass of cupcake chardonnay!

i don't know where this is or how they pulled this off on a day's notice or how maura is so damn lovely as a model... but i'm just glad i know them. told ya they were good.

so if you're gettin' married, know anyone who is, or just in need of some talented photogs, i'll be the first to suggest these two. they're based in chicago, but i'm sure you could get them to go wherever you need them! : )

via smilebooth
and did i mention they're married? too cute.

ok. i'm done bragging about the talented people in my life. over and out.

all photos by stoffer photography (for the everygirl and rue magazine, unless otherwise noted)


  1. They photographed my sister's wedding last year and did an amazing job. I love their work!

  2. That was a really sweet post. The abundance of talent always amazes me on the blogs. I'd dream of the day working side by side with my husband like that. Too cute!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous pics, these two are very talented.

  4. My favorite photo is the last. Sassy And sweet they look like the cutest most in love couple!



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