Monday, June 4, 2012

oh, the places you'll go.

last summer i started doing this silly thing so many of us ladies do. photographing my shoes. well, it wasn't always for the shoes. sometimes it was the toenail color, or the outfit, or the location/moment in time that i wanted to capture. whatever the reason, i've developed quite the collection of feet photos. it's kind of cool though to look back and reminisce all the places my feet took me this past year. care to see? what's extra cool is that for all of these snapshots, i was able to find when i blogged about something similar, if not the exact moment captured. blogs = life diary. pretty cool.

when: august 2011 
where: chicago, il 
occasion: girls dinner in lincoln park 
shoes: gucci
corresponding blog post: the most delightful non-color combination

when: october 2011 
where: santa monica beach in los angeles, ca 
occasion: feet in ocean / girls trip 
shoes: not required
corresponding blog post: snapshots from la

when: october 2011 
where: southport corridor, chicago, il
occasion: dog walk 
 when: november 2011 
where: new york city, ny
occasion: trip for the everygirl, at abc carpet and home 
shoes: gucci
corresponding blog post: lcy in nyc: to abc carpet home and back

when: november 2011
where: central park in new york city, ny
occasion: trip for the everygirl / w danielle moss
shoes: burberry
corresponding blog post: lcy in nyc: fashion in the park

 when: december 2011 
where: my home, chicago, il
occasion: putting up the tree 

 when: december 25, 2011 
where: mom's house, chicago suburbs, il
occasion: christmas morning 
shoes: santa socks
corresponding blog post: christmas 2011 revisited

 when: january 2012 
where: lakeview in chicago, il
occasion: snowfall 

 when: february 2012 
where: north avenue beach in chicago, il
occasion: fashion shoot for the everygirl 

 when: february 2012 
where: home in chicago, il
occasion: new rug arrived 
shoes: alpaca slippers from peru
 when: march 2012 
where: chicago, il
occasion: trunk show for pyar and co. 
shoes: gucci
corresponding blog post: lcy styles and graphics: pyar and co.

 when: march 2012
where: bhldn store in chicago, il
occasion: trying on outfits for the everygirl event at bhldn
shoes: dimensionality at bhldn
corresponding blog post: wardrobe change

when: april 2012
where: boston, ma
occasion: work trip for the everygirl
shoes: cole haan
corresponding blog post: this year keeps getting better

 when: may 2012
where: my front stoop, chicago, il
occasion: waiting for the boy to arrive for date night
shoes: aldo

when: may 2012
where: outside my apartment, chicago, il
occasion: grabbing starbucks in the am / summer weather!
shoes: sperry
corresponding blog post: pretty please with sperrys on top

kind of funny to see the same shoes popping up over and over again. clearly, further proof that i get good use out of whatever i buy! which pair is your favorite? also, do you take these photos? or am i the cheese standing alone over here?


  1. This is such a fun way to look back on all the places you've been!

  2. I totally take photos like this! Although my occasions are not as fun it would read more like: work, work, yet another day of work. My toms would also be repeated a little too much as well! Neat post!

  3. Oh I love this idea!! So cute...mind if I steal?!

  4. Such a great way to capture where you've been! I've taken photos like this as well to remember all the new places I've stepped foot on, and also my shoes :P

  5. That's so cool to see the seasons through your feet!

  6. What a cute post! I love the idea of looking back on events through similar photos. Great shoes too!

  7. I love this! I am always taking shots like this myself!!!


  8. Of course I take shoe photos. Except my leopard flats are probably every other photograph :). Happy Monday!

  9. this is adorable! plus you have great

  10. I love these photos. I actually recently thought I should start doing it. Too funny to know see this post. Now I REALLY want to.

  11. This is so fun- LOVE all of them but I think my faves are the BHLDN pair/nailpolish combo- so pretty!

  12. You have great taste in shoes! I think I need a pair of alpaca slippers though. They look incredibly cosy.

  13. Just a creative post! Love the shoe pics...

  14. I love this! a) you have such great shoes! b) You've done a lot this year!

  15. Love this post! I definitely have the tendency to take the same kind of pictures, especially if I'm wearing a new pair of shoes. :)

  16. i hate being in front of the camera, but i recognize how much fun it is for readers to get a peek. problem solved, adorable photos!

  17. I know so many people who take these photos! So creative. Plus you get a glimpse of the outfit! Lovess the post :)))

  18. What a fabulous post!!!



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