Friday, July 6, 2012

i miss you / where i've been as of late

when i start getting emails asking about my whereabouts and whether i'm alive, i figure it's probably a better time than ever to get a blog post up. so here we go...

first, an apology.

i'm sorry, everyone. i sure do suck lately. at blogging. at e-mails. at keeping up with my family and friends. and it's unfortunate my blog has been put on the back burner because i have so many exciting things going on! but that's the thing... it's so. many. things. i don't know how others do it - keep up with it all. i've recently realized that most of my readers don't realize that i (and danielle) have day jobs. no - lcy, my styling and graphics freelance projects, and the everygirl are not paying the bills. my lovely day job for this small but mighty non-profit is. it's the same job i've had since graduating, and i'm so lucky i get to do it from home (no commute helps me like you wouldn't believe!), and they will always come first. so from 9-5 five days a week, my time is theirs. everything else gets done afterwards and on the weekends. so yes, i'm barely finding time to sleep yet alone blog...

not that i'm complaining. as i said, so so so many wonderful things have transpired in the past month. a quick recap is in store, yes? (note: it is now 5 past midnight... so forgive any grammar errors)

attended a fabulous dinner at the rm champagne salon, hosted by birchbox. the talented chicago females in attendance were so inspiring, danielle and i wanted to leave a fish bowl at the door for them to drop their cards in so we could feature them. actually, we will be featuring quite a few of them! stay tuned.

danielle wore yellow from j.crew. i wore white from zara.

so much work... fortunately it's fun and included interviewing and photographing bri emery and angela kohler, founders of blogshop. we visited them while they hosted their blogshop class here a few weekends ago. did you see their feature on the everygirl?

i would very much so like to acquire bri's clutch. already have the mug.

also photographed the skirt pr team here in chicago. they're an awesome group of ladies. feature coming up next week so be on the lookout!

you may recall a certain somebodies and their website was mentioned on a certain "forbes." that was exciting and called for celebration.

so we celebrated.

oh, and we're launching a book club! and not just any book club - the official everygirl/random house book club! getting to chat with the authors of the books we're reading at the end of every month? exciting stuff! grab this month's book - wife22 by melanie gideon - and join us!

more weekend photo shoots...  this time styling the new collection for pyar and co. i spent tonight designing their look book. it's a feast for the eyes, let me tell ya. again, stay tuned...

and.... more photo shoots. this time my apartment by andy barnes for chicago home and garden magazine. fun guy. great photos. cannot wait to show you the result, but it won't be until october! boo magazine delays.

very excited to say i finally splurged and got this guy. i've only been wanting it since december so i figured it was time. it's awesome and everything i hoped it would be.

on the personal life front... i don't believe i've shared the exciting news...! this fall, i will be an aunt times two! my brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby boy! yay! i went to the land of nod and bought him his first stuffed animal and one of my favorite books.

and my sister and her husband are expecting a girl one month later! so for my future niece... i bought her the lamb version of the plush elephant and a TUTU! she won't wear it for a year or so, but whatevs! gotta start her early.

and to be honest, whenever i do have free time, i spend it with this guy. can you blame me? doing our best to make the most of summer despite my work schedule. finally got to eat at fish bar. the ambiance was great and everything was served in mason jars, but unfortunately, once you've had a lobster roll on the east coast, everything else is just subpar.

did a little bbq-ing picnic style by the lake. that was romantic and fun and he's convinced me charcoal is the only way to grill. so delicious.

so yes... as you can see, i've been keeping busy. hopefully i'll be able to get a little bit back into the swing of things... thanks for hangin' with me.

happy friday!



  1. you are doing great Alaina, as you know Im always very impressed and you are an inspiration to many, keep it up!

  2. You do it all and I am seriously impressed. Can we talk Chicago Home and Garden??? So exciting!!!! How did it go??

  3. You are a wonder-woman! Keep up the good work. The EveryGirl is amazing, as are you!

  4. It's not easy being The EveryGirl,we can all relate! You and Danielle are super-women and totally awe-inspiring!

  5. Life seems so insane for you, but you're such an inspiration managing it all. Glad you seem to be enjoying yourself too!

  6. Oh look! It's ME! I didn't really need this recap because I was there for pretty much everything, but I still loved this post.

    Let's take a picture of the baby in a tutu. We can add baby styling to The Everygirl!

  7. I'm on the same page....busy is not strong enough of a word. But so excited to join the book club- downloading to my nook asap!

    The everygirl is amazing, you and your partner are doing really great things.

    xo Tara

  8. Oh my gosh you have a day job too? I'm even more impressed now. But seriously, keep up the great work! The Everygirl is so amazing and inspiring and as for LCY, I'm sure everyone will still be here when you do have time to post. :)

  9. JEEZ! Very busy- but everything you do is spectacular so your time and efforts are worth it. At least to all of us who get to enjoy it. But you should definitely make time for the boy - I mean hellllo, he is adorable!

  10. Oh my god! I had NO idea you had a day job on top of everything else! What an inspiration...You're doing a fabulous job =)

  11. Phew. I'm tired just hearing about it! What a woman! What a lady!


    Makes me believe I can achieve my own editorial goals!

  12. You've been one busy lady, and the good type of busy ;) Loved this post!

  13. Wow working girl! Good for you to get all of that in and I'm glad you're enjoying it all. You deserve it!

  14. it looks so fun! love the pictures!


  15. Keep up the great work and don't be so hard on yourself! The site has never looked better. P.S. Such a treat to see Design Darling matches on your bar cart! :)

  16. Wow- you're so busy! I absolutely love The Everygirl and check it every day. Also, I'm loving that print on the office wall! So pretty and unique.

    Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment

  17. it looks like you had fun! :)

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  19. Keep on keeping on! Your professionalism is really impressive. Good luck!



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