Tuesday, August 14, 2012

and in bedroom-related news...

I've slowly been accumulating credit on Joss and Main for having invited so many people to join the flash sale site. For every person I invite who makes a purchase, I earn $15 in credit. Well, slowly my dollars have been adding up, and I've been hoarding my earnings waiting for one ticket item: a grey upholstered headboard. Last week, a sale arrived with far more beautiful headboards and beds than I've seen on there before!

I started texting my boyfriend rapid fire telling him to log online so we could discuss - after all, it's his bed too. (I'm such a good girlfriend. No need to tell me.) The color was an easy choice. We both love grey. Check, done, moving on...

Where the bigger debate came in was deciding on a style. There were two I loved, and I knew immediately which one Mike would prefer (the boxier, less feminine option).

While my initial inclination was to go for the runner-up style, the longer I looked at the two, the more I began to prefer the bottom style (the Limoges). I think I would sooner tire of look of the runner-up. The straight lines and nailhead trim of the Limoges are classic and sophisticated. They remind me of some of Jonathan Adler's styles.

Anyway, I am so so sooooo excited. This was the one furniture item I never invested in, either budget or not. And we got such a good deal. The bed was originally $600ish and with all of my credit, we got it for less than $400! Not too shabby.

So we're pretty much done furnishing the place... it's all going to come down to accents, rugs, window treatments, painting... the small details that really make a house a home.

Like the headboard? Both styles are available again today in The Hunt Club sale! The grey isn't available, and they're under different names, but you'll see them. You can also just buy the headboard at really reasonable prices. Check it out!

Or if you're looking for a great looking bed for your home you need to check out Luxury Revival Beds.


In other bed-related news... did you hear that my friend Bailey of Peppermint Bliss just announced that she is starting a bedding line? Her new brand Biscuit (love the name! love the logo!) will be filling the void for affordable yet chic bedding. She's also opening a store in Houston that will carry home goods and other delights. If you're familiar with her decorating and taste, you know the world is in for a treat (no pun intended). I personally can't wait to top my new bed off with some Biscuit bedding. Stay tune as more details are revealed, but in the mean time, stay on the up and up by joining their list serve here or liking Biscuit on Twitter! Congrats, Bailey and team!


  1. I love the style you went with! Can't wait to see how you style it!

  2. These are basically my dream headboards and exactly what I'm envisioning for our bedroom once it's in the budget. They are both gorgeous!

  3. Love the headbord! Both options are actually perfection in my mind.

  4. I got that same headboard from Joss&Main back in March! My boyfriend and I went with black to offset our grey walls :) I love it! It's so striking and well made - it always gets compliments, so great choice! I will say it was a bit tough to put together though ;)

  5. Love the headboard! Can't wait to see what your new home looks like when you're done decorating!

  6. I LOVE that bed! My fiance and I both love grey, so we recently were looking at similar beds (but then ended up with Navy Blue velvet because I'm crazy).

  7. I love it. Great choice. I have been wanting a bed like that for years. Thanx for the tip. Loving all the gray.

  8. Oh my gosh I looooove your new headboard! It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in your room.

    xx Liz

  9. I have this bed in a sandy color that I bought off Gilt about 6 months ago - it is so beautiful! The linen is so soft, the nail heads are the perfect shade of brass and it is unbelievably comfortable to relax in bed and read! Can't wait to see how everything turns out!

  10. Oh my word, I absolutely love these headboards. Thanks so much for the tip. However I doubt they are shipping to Germany :(. I was searching for a new bed because I am moving to Berlin now and only had a tiny IkEA bed until now. I might end up with this one (http://www.impressionen.de/shop/produkt/bettgestell/3630481). What do you think about it?

  11. Gorgeous headboards! I definitely love the second one! Eventhough if I had a bed like that, I wouldn't be able to get up in the mornings. It looks way too cozy. ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  12. Love both styles! It will look great.

  13. Great work. I like both of them.

  14. We really do love all the same things. Excited for your new bed!



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