Monday, August 13, 2012

It's Our One Year Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary since Danielle's and my first meeting to discuss The Everygirl.

Wow. Cannot believe a year has flown by.

Funny all the hazy memories I have of times passed... yet, that meeting, I recall like it was yesterday.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when I headed downtown, laptop in hand, and met Danielle in her apartment building lobby. She was running a little late. (I have since learned it takes her about five times longer than me to get out the door. Anytime. Regardless of where we're going. She checks her bag about a dozen times, only to leave and realize she left something behind. It's crazy all the little things we now know about one another.) But we barely knew each other then and had only hung out in person two or three times. Still, we knew we had a common goal. In fact, I have it written at the top of a google doc that was last edited 335 days ago: "Help real girls figure it all out." That was all we needed to know to get us working on a weekend afternoon while so many others were at the beach, having lunch, and enjoying summer. We left her place and walked around the block to the Caribou Coffee on Kingsbury, found a small table near the window, and settled in for what would be a three-hour conversation. (The first of many.)

We began discussing... I had at least half a dozen questions for any idea she proposed (a regular habit of mine, as well, that she has likely grown all too familiar with). She mentioned her favorite quote from 13 Going on 30 and wanting to see real, relatable girls as inspiration. I mentioned wanting to see in-depth career profiles on accomplished women with dream jobs. The topic of Will this be a magazine or a website was greatly debated, and that debate continued for at least a month afterward, along with what the name should be...

Names we actually considered:
The Southport (this domain, believe it not, was available for $17,000!)
The Southport Stop
Twenty 2
She Creates
a few French words - things like "to create" "to grow" "to be" "to inspire" - that we realized no one would know how to pronounce or spell

Seriously - aren't we all glad it's The Everygirl?
behind the scenes with Ashlina Kaposta, New York City, November 2011
behind the scenes of Three Looks with Liz Schneider, February 2012
behind the scenes of Cooking with Blood Oranges, March 2012
behind the scenes of How to Style an Entryway, January 2012

Six months. It took us six months of discussion, planning, designing the site (which we did ourselves), figuring out how to build the website, registering as an LLC, planning features, reaching out to features, a trip to NYC, recruiting writers and photographers, and helping spread the word leading up to our February launch.

launch night // February 21, 2012

The rest you could say is history... The Everygirl has allowed us to meet, interview, and feature so many extremely talented women and personal role models. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers, stylists, PR execs, authors. We've launched a book club with Random House. We hosted our first event at BHLDN with partnerships from some of our favorite brands (Sprinkles Cupcakes! Smilebooth!). We flew to Boston and are headed to New York again next month. And tonight, exactly one year later, we are heading to the suburbs to work on a project with Banana Republic. A brand I've been wearing since I was in sixth grade! Crazy.

behind the scenes of How to Style a Coffee Table
with Caitlin and Danielle at The Everygirl event at BHLDN, hair by Salon Buzz // May 2012

And while it's been one crazy and rewarding ride, by far the most important outcome is that we've done what we set out to do: inspire women. There are readers who have taken the time to send us emails, and handwritten notes, and comments, and Facebook and LinkedIn messages, and Tweets saying The Everygirl is the first site they check in the morning and our feature archives serve as constant reinforcement to follow their dreams. The Everygirl has inspired them to go back to school. To change careers. To start cooking or budgeting or investing or picking up a new hobby or starting a blog. So to all of you who took the time to write us, and everyone who logs on every day and heads over to, thank you so much.

We are so honored and humbled our content inspires and empowers women. And we promise to strive to continue in our mission.


  1. That's amazing. Congratulations on all you've accomplished in only one year! You and Danielle are just as inspiring as the amazing entrepreneurs you feature over at The Everygirl.

  2. Has it really been a year??
    Congrats on so much success in such a short amount of time! But most importantly, for the inspiration you have shared with us this year! Looking forward to more!!
    x, Anna

  3. Love The Everygirl, love the behind the scenes shots, but especially love the way that you and Danielle's friendship has blossomed!

    Keep up the great work and Congratulations.

  4. I specifically remember the day that you announced that you were coming out with The Everygirl. I immediately called my mom and told her all about it and said it was EXACTLY what I needed. The fact that I've gotten to be a part of it is seriously still hard for me to absorb. I am so proud to be a part of something that has offered girls (like myself) guidance and inspiration. Keep on keepin' on ladies :)

  5. You guys are amazing! You should be so proud of what you've accomplished.

  6. Congratulations on your accomplishments! I am always amazed by those who start their own businesses and are able to realize their goals and dreams. I subscribe to The Everygirl and enjoy reading it every morning - it's the perfect way for me to get motivated and inspired for my 9-7 job!


  7. What a year! I have loved watching the Everygirl grow since its launch and I am so looking forward to seeing what the next year brings! Best wishes.

  8. Congrats on the anniversary! And what a great story of meeting & the past year!

  9. Congrats on the Everygirl! It has truly inspired me and I love reading all of the posts to get motivated to getting to where I'd love to be in the future. I'm so glad The Everygirl has seen so many successes and is recognized the way it deserves!

  10. Wow, time flies! Happy 1 Year anniversary ;)

  11. Happy anniversary!! As corny as it may sound the everygirl really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone more and actually start to turn into the woman I want to be!! Thank you for that!!
    xo Andrea

  12. Wow can't believe is been a year already! Congrats to you both, you two are way too talented and inspiring.
    PS: The Every Girl is the perfect name ;)

  13. Big congrats!

  14. So thankful for that meeting one year ago...The Everygirl is definitely an incredible inspiration and resource for me and so many others. Enjoyed seeing some behind-the-scenes photos in this post! Thanks for everything =)

  15. Congrats!! Keep up the great work! xx - E

  16. Congrats! You should be super proud of yourself.

  17. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love The Every Girl - you provide such great inspirational stories for women, and I look forward to visiting your site! Thanks for the great resource!!

  18. congrats on your adventure! I love the everygirl : )


  19. What a great write up! Congratulations again! I can't wait to see the future of the Everygirl!

  20. I love, love, LOVE theEverygirl! Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

    xx Liz

  21. That's amazing. Congratulations!!

  22. Happy 1 year! You failed to mention that I was late because I SMASHED my finger in a door and it was bleeding.

    No excuse for the 36,000 other times it took me forever to get out the door. But I had a legit reason this time.

    Can't believe that meeting was a year ago!



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