Monday, August 20, 2012

Thanks to Mezzmer, I can see!

There is nothing more scary or depressing than experiencing your eyesight slowly but surely start to deteriorate... I don't know if it's aging or the fact that I stare at a computer screen 10+ hours most days. But over the past two years, the world has slowly started getting more and more blurry for me... I first noticed it while driving at night in the rain. Then just at night, regardless of weather. Now it's any time I'm behind the wheel; I can't read a street sign until I drive right up next to it. And just last week, I was straining to read the subtitles while watching John Adams (I often watch movies in subtitles so that I don't miss anything). Well, I finally went to the eye doctor and according to my prescription, my eyes aren't so bad. But I am nearsighted, and I am VERY excited to get my first pair of glasses and see clearly again.

Thanks to Mezzmer eyewear, I'll be getting them shortly! For just $99 - you get the lenses and the frames. I saw how much frames and prescription lenses go for at the store I was at and holy cow - the Mezzmer offer is a teensy fraction of the cost. But with Mezzmer, there is no storefront you can walk into and try them on.

Here's how Mezzmer eyewear system works:
Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Choose five frames you'd like to "Try on."
Step 3. Pay $1, and they ship you the five frames to try on at home.
Step 4. Choose the style that works best for you then ship all the frames back (shipping label comes with so there's no cost for this).
Step 5. If you decide to get a Mezzmer style, fill out your prescription online and your choice of frames, pay $99, and you'll get your new glasses sent to you!
Step 6. Enjoy seeing the world more clearly again!

Sounds fun, right? Naturally, I wanted to try it out! Here are the styles I went with...
The Monterey
(too wide and boxy for me)

The Rosie
(also too boxy/somewhat masculine, I thought)

The Astaire
(loved the shape but the frames were too small for my face)

The Town Hall
(loved but possibly too trendy. i don't think i could pull these off.) 

(juuuuust right as voted on by the bf, friends, mom, Everygirl staff, and myself...)

So if you follow me and The Everygirl on Instagram and Twitter, you'll be seeing me sport The Shelby's more regularly. 

Thank you, Mezzmer!

And because I love me some budget fashion...
Necklace: Oia Jewels $25
Striped sweater: J.Crew $30 (on sale)
Watch: Timex on Piperlime $70 (as blogged about here)

And for the record, please don't judge my lame-o poses. I know I'm not good at this as made even more evident by the ridiculous outtakes... clearly fashion blogging is not in my future. I get nervous, feel silly, and then just end up laughing. Thanks for bearing with me, sweet sweet Caitlin (my photographer for the day).

Anywho. Which style do you think you would have gone with?


  1. Very cute frames. I also had the same problem 2 years ago, couldn't see at night, couldn't read signs, I was experiencing life in a blur. Turns out I was nearsighted as well. Was strangely excited about getting my first pair of eyeglasses.

  2. i have five frames at home, and i just decided on "the oscar" for myself! LOVE mezzmer, and love those on you!

  3. Yay I'm glad you found the time to take these lovely pictures! I think I would have gone with The Monterey or The Shelby!

  4. Cute! And what a cool site--thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your new frames :D You're making me want to get new ones! Too cute, great deal for them and that's scary that you first noticed it while DRIVING... and while it's RAINING!

  6. You chose well! I also liked the ones you thought you couldn't pull off. They *may* look remarkably similar to mine, from Warby Parker!

  7. I wore an almost identical outfit on Saturday! I love me some budget fashion too :)

  8. This is fantastic! I'm in desperate need of some new glasses! So I'm heading over to the website now, I just hope that they ship to Australia!

  9. I love what you picked, but I also love the Rosie on you, either way, you are adorable as usual.

    I ran into this last Spring and still need to get my glasses so this post was SUPER helpful for me! I think my issue, too, was staring at a screen all day! I was shocked when the optomistrist put the lens up and said, "Now how can you see?" Dude. It was like someone turned a light on. Nights and rain were the worst for me.

    Cheers to good goggles!

  10. Perfect choice! they look fab! :) x

  11. This is really cool! I love your choice. It was definitely the best of the group!

  12. You look so cute in all the glasses! Love the winners though!



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