Thursday, September 13, 2012

7 of Chicago's Finest for Coach

It's true. Brights are the new neutrals.

And we were so thrilled when Coach reached out to us (The Everygirl) to help spread word on their colorful Legacy collection. We pitched the idea of featuring leading Chicago ladies and how they'd style the bags, and we were beyond thrilled with the talented, amazing bunch of women we got on board: Marie Whitney of Two Penny Blue, Lauren Buxbaum and Sasha Adler of Nate Berkus Associates, Lynne Bredfeldt of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Chicago, Dana Weiss of, and Val Warner and Jessie Kalin of Windy City LIVE. Hello, kick-ass lady time! They all did such an awesome job, and our amazing photographer Jennifer Kathryn was her usual genius self behind the lens.

I have my own Candace Carryall in carnelian (fancy way of saying red) and I luuuurve it and carry it with me everywhere, including all around NYC last week. Yeah, that's me showin' some leg. Ow! Ow! Anyone ever eaten at Penelope Cafe in Midtown East? It was lovely. Speaking of fashion week - stay tuned for a complete style recap coming soon!

**And by Midtown East, I meant Murray Hill. My bad!

Coach photos by Jennifer Kathryn Photography for The Everygirl
last photo via Everygirl Instagram


  1. If it's the same as Penelope in Murray Hill in the 30s/Lexington area, then YES! I LOVE that place. I hear they have a great brunch but we had a late dinner there one night which was also amazing. Always on my list when I go to NYC.

  2. I'm loving the new coach collection!

  3. Love the new coach collection. Colors are great!

  4. Love the new coach collection. Colors are great!

  5. I adore the bold colors of this whole collection. They are so classy + fun -- a perfect mix!

  6. The are all so stunning, the bold colors are beautiful. I suddenly have the urge to illustrate them all.

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  8. Right next to my house... Their brunch is so good!



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