Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the best things in life

...are babies.

Especially my new nephew Jack. New York City was cool and all, but as soon as I found out my brother and sister-in-law's darling baby boy was born early Friday morning, all I wanted to do was come home and meet him and hold him and fall in love with him. Which I finally got to do yesterday.

I realize this must come as a surprise. I haven't mentioned the pregnancies in my family on the blog (Instagram followers have seen a baby gift or two!).

And that's right - I said pregnancies. My sister is due with a baby girl next month! TWO babies for Alaina to love! One niece and one nephew. How fun are the holidays going to be this year?!

What a wonderful reminder on a day like today to be good to those you love. Don't take a single day for granted. If you're fighting - make up. If you haven't spoken - pick up the phone. If you love someone - tell them. Life's too short to not be happy with the people in your life.

Congratulations, Ted and Jess!


  1. I love this post. He's beautiful! And I would know since you watched that video of sweet baby Jack 43,000 times while we were in NYC ;)

    Can't wait for baby no. 2!

    Congrats again, Aunt Alaina!

  2. That's so fun! Congratulations, Aunt Alaina!

  3. Oh my goodness he's so adorable! He looks so tiny all wrapped up in that blanket! Congratulations on being an Aunt!

  4. Congrats, auntie! He is a cutie!

  5. Congrats to you Aunt Alaina! He's just precious. Babies really are the best thing in the world. :)

  6. Congrats! How exciting! I just met my nephew for the first time over Labor day weekend!

  7. He is adorable!!! Love your dress too!!


  8. Alaina he is such an adorable little peanut!!! Congrats again!



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