Thursday, October 25, 2012

Belle: wishbone vs plastic chairs

so you've all seen my grey made-over dining room chairs that i purchased on craigslist, yes? well, they are on their last leg. most of the paint is knicked in places, the upholstery has gotten very dirty, and one of the chairs is broken and completely unusable. so with the move to the new place, i knew it was time to start looking for some new dining chairs.

i was thrilled to be contacted by the home goods website Euro Styling Lighting - a site that believe it or not, offers so much more than lamps and lighting fixtures. in fact, i found two of my most favorite chair styles on their virtual pages (for less than half the price at other retailers). the wishbone and the molded white plastic that looks like it's standing on a four-legged tripod. a quadpod?

behold the wishbone chair at its best:
in the words of buddy the elf... beauuuutiful. this has been my faaaavorite style chair since forever. i even had danielle take a photo of me sitting in one on our trip to abc carpet and home in new york city last fall.

but then there's the super interesting look of the white plastic chairs:
oooo... ahhhh... this style is half the price at eurostylelighting. tempting.

so to back track for a minute. our new dining room table arrived thanks to the folks from fashion for home. as i said in my last post, it takes months for most of this site's items to arrive - we ordered the table back in late july. but that's how they are able to sell their products for half the price other retailers do. each item is made to order. and i must say, it's quite awesome. i've never owned such a sturdy piece of furniture. i'm also loving the brown wood texture. mike influenced me to stray from my preferred white lacquer finish and i'm glad we did.

so now the question is: wishbone chairs or white plastic chairs?

vote above and/or in the comments!

follow along my new apartment decorating process!


  1. I love the wishbone chairs, but I had to vote for the plastic chairs for the contrast with the table. Have fun decorating!

  2. The white plastic chairs are cool looking, but the wishbone chairs are like a work of art. Look at the craftsmanship! And you said yourself that they're you favorite style. I think you'd regret not getting them...

    I think there'll be enough of a contrast between the darker wood table and the lighter wood chairs.

    However, it could be worth doing a PS mock-up with four wishbone chairs and two white plastic chairs at the heads of the table. Lots of designers use different chairs at the ends...

  3. I'm shocked - you really don't want to buy FAKE famous Eames chairs, do you? I just can't believe that someone having quite influential design blog is even consireting buying fakes of Eames plastic chairs - the most iconic designs of XXth century.

  4. * considering

  5. I am a sucker for natural wood decor :) Although the tripod style is very modern. These are all such pinworthy photos

  6. I'd have to pick the white plastic... I have been in love with those chairs forever!

  7. I'd say wishbone chairs. put soft little sheepskin covers and it'll soften up the look too. also, you'll won't get tired of them as easily as the eames chairs. but it will be nice to have an eames chair somewhere in your house.

  8. I love the wishbone chairs but I went with the white chairs in my dining area. They are so much easier to keep clean… just wipe them down and you're done. The wishbone chairs might show wear sooner. I actually purchased my chairs at Overstock for a fraction of the price. Just an idea:

    Good luck! Can't wait to see what you pick.


  9. I have loved wishbone chairs from the moment I first saw them. I love the design & the simplicity. But, in this case, with the darker-ish wood table, I think my vote goes to the white chairs.

    I just think the wood wishbone with the wood table is a little much. But the images you found do look fab with the wood-on-wood, so really, it's up to you! Either chair will look fantastic :)



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