Tuesday, October 23, 2012

designer furniture for less

it's no secret i have a few favorite stores when it comes to buying goods for my closet and home (j.crew, anthropologie, west elm to name a few). but when the time came to decorate the new apartment, i've been trying to find new resources for furniture and accessories. i was pleasantly surprised to learn about fashion for home, a european-based furniture retailer that's expanding in the states. their prices are quite reasonable given the high quality construction and contemporary designs. in fact, i've seen department stores like bloomingdale's home and dwr sell similar styles for quadruple the prices. but these aren't knock-offs. fashion for home is able to sell their goods at such low costs because each item is made per order. there is not a large amount of inventory sitting in a warehouse somewhere... granted it means it takes 3+ mos for your purchase to arrive, but waiting is worth it when you're saving on an item like this!

for all my readers over the atlantic, be sure to check out fashionforhome.co.uk. to be honest, the selection is even better given the company is based in england! there's a larger bedroom collection and more options on other key pieces like dining tables, couches, and coffee tables. bookmark it!



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