Friday, November 2, 2012

my week in 5 photos

Here's a sneak peek from an amazing photo shoot Danielle and I produced on behalf of Fizz56 sparkling wine for The Everygirl. We called on the talented John and Maura Stoffer to photograph it, and we had all of our very talented and hard-working interns, Annie, Elizabeth, and Isabella on hand. Because I know someone will ask, the green napkins are Stone Textile, the stemless champagne flute is BHLDN, and the pink trimmed plates are from West Elm.

The new Anthropologie catalog arrived. That tutu is taunting me.

Small fall vignette on the coffee table. Succulents are from A New Leaf and the antler candlestick holders from West Elm.

As much as I love my cozy, relaxing nights in, I am antsy to get back into working out. I attended a Core Power Yoga Sculpt class in Lakeview last year with my best friend and loved it. But never found time to go back... shocker. Well, a new location just opened up near our new place and it's no where near as crowded. The first month is only $80 for unlimited classes, which is an awesome deal considering I spent $20 on the single class I went to last night. Hopefully returning soon (tonight?), w/ my hot pink Takeya water bottle in hand. And how fancy are those locker rooms? I felt like I was in a spa.

Finally, a quick snapshot of today's outfit because I love, love, love dressing for fall. And I finally went back to Anthro and got that beaded collar necklace. I paired it with my hunter green Zara pants, chunky wool sweater, and my new Clarks boots.

Remember: you can win a pair of the Clarks boots by voting for my styled look here!

Happy weekend all!


  1. Congrats on trying CorePower Yoga! (And a Sculpt class, too - I'm impressed!) I'm an instructor at CPY in Chicago and also regularly take classes! Definitely give other formats such as C1, C2, and HPF a try to see what else you enjoy. Best of luck! Paige

  2. Lovely photos! I really like your outfit!! It looks so cozy, yet put together!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  3. I just wore my white cable knit with my collar necklace - my new favorite combo. It's so fun to see your behind the scenes photos. You guys work so hard on TEG and there's such a fun spirit of passion that is so evident. Keep up the good work!

  4. Great photos! I love that outfit, too!

  5. I love dressing for fall too - tall boots are my fave! And I kind of love the tutu. Although I have no idea where I would wear it haha
    Happy weekend! xo

  6. I love your fall look... it is so effortlessly chic. I think the hunter pants are my favorite part.

  7. That first photo is stun-ning! Can't wait to see the rest of the shoot. And way to rock that collar necklace - apparently I need to get me one of those.

  8. Swoon...the Anthropologie tutu.

    I could wear that on a coffee run, right?


  9. I hope fall comes to the south soon so I can start wearing boots! I wish I could take more yoga too but I already have a membership at a dance studio so two gym memberships might make my husband kill me!

  10. Love your blog. New follower!
    Follow me back!?!?

  11. ahh love your blog. following now :)

  12. What beautiful pictures! I love your outfit, and I also love dressing for Fall. I'm all about boots & sweaters. Your beaded collar necklace is very cool!



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