Friday, December 28, 2012

pretty much the greatest gift you could get anyone.

I present the J. Schatz egg nightlight. Designed and created by Jim Schatz, these lil' babies are my absolute favorite item for the home. The glossy stoneware orb casts tons of tiny "stars" on the ceiling and walls of your pitch-black room. I got them as super-special, I'm-an-awesome-aunt first Christmas treats for my niece and nephew, and little Lucy was staring at the glow completely mesmerized when they put her down to sleep at night.
The light coming out is actually yellow–not blue.

And they come in a variety of candy-colored hues. Beauuutiful. Like Christmas lights! I know Christmas is over, but this unique item is the perfect gift. Not just for nurseries, but really, it can be for someone of any age. I secretly want one for my bedroom! They're not super cheap so maybe start saving now... or if you're going to be having a baby, add it to the registry!

Happy Weekend!

For more great lighting ideas check out Scotlight Direct website.


  1. I'm adding one to my registry right now!

  2. These are fantastic. I want one for myself!

  3. I love these lamps. Would love one for my entry.

  4. What a great gift idea! Great nightlight.

  5. This would look great in any room.

  6. How cool! So great for a nursery! Thank you for sharing -
    xox Liz

  7. Gorgeous and so fun - I'd love one of these. But holy expensive!



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