Tuesday, January 29, 2013

by all means, sell me on #vineapp

...because so far, this is how i feel.

i know it's new and perhaps people will figure out the "best way" to use it. but so far this sudden craze just reminds me of  the scene in mean girls where regina has two conspicuous holes in her sweater and because she's regina george, everyone else starts doing it. similarly...

vine is made by twitter so it must be amazing? one big blogger signs on, feeds to instagram, and the next thing you know, everyone is doing. and i'm totally at fault! i even made a personal account and we have one for the everygirl. (anyone in social media can attest you have to lock in those usernames stat before you end up alainakaz_123_ilikepuppies). i just feel there is already so much happening with blogging, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, vimeo-ing, tumblr-ing... do we really need vine-ing? reeeeally? i could more so see how it is valuable if there's no time limit on the video and bloggers and people could use it as a personal tool for video editing that they can then share on their other social media. do we have to follow one another on the app itself? it's too much to keep up with! and sadly, if you're in this industry, you have to keep up or you're left behind! like it is in any industry i suppose.

ok, i'll get off my soapbox and stop venting. what do you think of the new app? are you into it? by all means, sell me on its advantages! i just know that so far i haven't seen one vine video that offered me something a still shot of the same thing couldn't have also provided viewers.

and thanks, nikki, for sending along this gif illustration!

update: ok, for further investigation, i gave it a go and made my first video. i'm even bored watching it.  thank goodness tuck and fi are so cute. hah will try harder next time...


  1. I haven't signed up yet... I dont really get it. And the more people who istagramed their user names yesterday, the more I wanted to NOT sign up.


  2. I 100% agree! But, I also signed up, hehe. We'll see how it goes!

  3. Seriously, laughed out loud with the Mean Girls vid :) And I can't help, but NOT want an account. I don't see the point in watching seconds of some video, really. I won't be signing up because I don't want to deal with another social media app...it's just too much.

  4. Completely agree! Seems totally silly and useless, though I guess I said the same about tablets a few years ago and now I have an Ipad. For now, Vine seems pretty pointless, though!

  5. i don't see the point of it. its a mix between instagram and youtube, but not a very good one. i dont think i'm going to download it. i like your mean girls reference though, i laughed when you tweeted about it yesterday. and it probably will give seizures.

  6. THANK YOU for summing up my feelings on this, too!! I hadn't even heard of it til I was heading to bed Sunday night and by Monday morning it was e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Who wants to see a six second video? It sounds like a bad joke about someone losing their virginity, really.

    (Sorry for ending on that note, but still).

    Blonde in this City

  7. My goodness, you took the words right out of my mouth! I also signed up for an account, for the same reasons you did, but haven't really been overly excited about anything I've seen so far. Glad to know I'm not the only one that feels this way!

  8. I said on twitter something along the same lines, and then I caved and created an account and have posted two videos. Still on the fence.

  9. Created an account for the same reasons you mentioned...but, I have to say I just can't get into it. Sometimes the videos don't even load. I don't know- it's just too many apps/things to keep up with ;)

  10. I was a bit skeptical at first too, but after following it today I have actually gotten entertainment out of it. I just wish Vine would make it easier to put sounds in the background of the videos, so we don't have to listen to the "buzz" so much! Follow me: LCB Style


  11. I actually do agree with you. I think you can make some super cute videos on there is you take the time but other than that I was kinda bored.

  12. I couldn't agree more. Honestly, when I really stop and think about the extend to which our lives are plastered all over social media I get incredibly creeped out. It seems the gap between privacy and... whatever we have going on is getting perpetually smaller, and with each new must-be-on-it-must-get-followers-app, we're losing another minute of actually living and participating in the world. On top of which-- I just don't need to see a video of your dog sitting on the couch, or you opening the fridge!!! And I definitely don't think me doing those things is remarkable enough to share with others either!!

  13. I signed up and am totally obsessed! There's some really GREAT CREATIVE stuff out there. Some people are using it to make really interesting work.

    There are a few issues.
    1- there's ALSO a lot of crap.
    2- there's some porn
    3- I can't share any of the cool stuff I've seen because you can *only view it through the app itself or twitter feed.

    I did find a link to this guys stuff which is awesome:

    I also wrote a blog post on my opinion and why I think it's awesome here: http://steelpetalpress.com/2013/01/vine-app/

    Anyways, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I'm sure it's not for everyone, but personally, I LOVE it! :)

  14. Yes, yes and yes Alaina!! I was starting to think that I was the only person to not get this at all. Honestly, I feel like we have enough, I'm overwhelmed for the mere thought of having to share more content on another social platform! I just saw so many people signing up for it, and the wave just gave me a headache! I feel like people are pressuring me to sign up, but I just don't see it. So glad to hear that there's another blogging human who thinks a little bit similar than I do ;)

  15. I totally agree - the concept is not bad, but I have no idea what to post ... just extended instagram pics. And social media is officially overwhelming!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  16. hahah your first video made me smile, love how he is licking his mouth, cute. going back to Vine, I signed up, like a little sheep yesterday but I'm not sure I want to be part of it, I love Instagram as it allows us to see little peeks of daily life of our friends, families, people we like, but most of us are not that good and video-ing so not sure how fun this will be. Let's see!

  17. Oh thank god someone else feels this way. Did it get pitched at alt or something because all of a sudden everyone and their dog is doing it, and the thought just makes me tired! Also, sound means peeps can't use it as a distraction at work like IG, which, let's be honest, is one of the reasons it's so damn popular. Just sayin'.

  18. Having to keep up with social media makes me stressed. No lie. Oh look, she has 1,890 followers/friends and I have 64. This must be a direct correlation indicating my self worth.

    It's quite depressing to be honest. I adore Twitter because I can put light hearted things out there and they're only present for a moment, Facebook on the other hand makes me anxious.

    I don't do instagram, so it's a no go for vineapp.

  19. oh I am so with you, Alaina! when my instagram feed filled up with vine announcements, I was like, no. just no. I just don't see how it will add to anything for me personally. I'll see how it evolves, but sometimes less is more, and that may need to start applying to social media!

    I will say I've found one blogger/artist whose use of vine I can get on board with: Paperfashion (see: http://vine.co/v/bJvIPQ7b3u1). She uploads little snippets of the various stages of her drawings. I get why that enhances her brand and adds something to her readers.

  20. Here's a tip for nay-sayers!

    Sign on and go to "EXPLORE" click on "POPULAR NOW"

    If you don't see at least 3 things you would qualifiy as either:
    -really cool
    - clever
    - creative
    - funny
    - beautiful
    - or cute

    Then Vine is totally not for you :)

  21. I TOTALLY agree - love the Mean Girls point haha.

  22. I TOTALLY agree - love the Mean Girls point haha.

  23. We have decided not to get on the vine bus yet either. I already have way too much crap to worry about and I have a hard time making my life look interesting enough in an instagram picture which I can edit and make pretty. All my videos would be like, "Look, I have 2 cats." Do you like me now? Nope probably not. I could see it being good for DIYs.

  24. Couple of things. Yes, the ammount of apps (new stuff) in your industry is overwhelming. However, Tuck looks better which is nice to see.

  25. As mama I love it... also I'm loving other cute kids! xo



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