Friday, March 8, 2013

My Love List #sharethelove

So some friends of mine (Danielle, Liz, others) and I have teamed up with Diet Pepsi to share our love lists with you. Things we enjoy–nay, loooove–doing to kick back, relax, and have a good time. Winters in Chicago limit your options, but that doesn't mean we sit around and mope. Here are a few things I've done this season to keep my spirits up despite the endless snow and clouds.

1. I love to grab drinks and/or a great dinner with friends. Few things give me more pleasure than a fantastic meal at a great restaurant or sitting down at a nice wooden bar to spill cocktails and secrets.

2. I love to spend a day on the slopes. I am by no means a pro skier. Amateur at best. I can get down the hill pretty efficiently without falling, and enjoy doing so - plus who doesn't love stopping in the chalet for some hot cocoa by the fire? I can probably count on both hands the number of times I've skied in my life; coincidentally, I own skis, boots, poles, the whole shebang. (Long story - bought the skis on CraigsList, the boots on clearance - all in a failed attempt to ski regularly while at Syracuse. I blame my guy friends at the time.) Anyone with a sense of geography knows there are no mountains around these parts, but we have some decent hills that fill the need. Boy would I love to experience Colorado... or better yet, the Alps. A girl can dream... photo by Gray Malin

3. I love to get a massage. Is there anything better? Have you ever had a massage? They are definitely a luxury, but if you've never had one, I recommend looking on Groupon this instant to find a deal for you and treating yourself to one. It is such a treat. I've never had one with hot stones but mmm would I like to give that a try. image via

A few of my favorite things to get me through the winter months' activities...
bright jewelry | leather riding boots | a pom hat | wool stretch pant | suede clutch | tortoise sunglasses
and of course, my drinks of choice: pinot noir, refreshing soda, or an energizing soy latte

What do you love to do? Please leave a comment and fill in the blank: I love to _______.

Or you can #sharethelove by tweeting to @dietpepsi with lists of all the things that make you happy! Be sure to use the hashtag #sharethelove - see what other people have said on Twitter by clicking here

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  1. Like you, I love, love, loving exploring new restaurants with my friends or guy. Good food, good company, time to catch up, and not having to do the dishes? Sign me up!

  2. I love to play with my puppy, meet up for drinks and/or food with friends, catch some live music and sometimes, just hole up in my cozy apartment and read. :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. Get yourself out to CO, lady! Just had a great week in late Feb out here. Family came in from MI and we rented a beautiful house in Breck and skied Breck, Keystone, Copper, and Vail. Copper with apres ski at Jack's- must do! My favorite new mountain to ski!

  4. I love to spend the winter nights inside, with my boyfriend and my puppy, a homecooked meal (preferably a heart pasta, followed by something chocolate), a glass of wine and a great movie.

    I also love a good indulgence - a mani/pedi, fresh flowers in the apartment and like you, a relaxing massage.


    Sasha @

  5. I love to go to NYC! and do some shopping. Actually I love traveling anywhere! thanks for asking...

  6. I love spending winter sipping hot chocolate and travelling out and playing with snow..

  7. I LOVE to spend the day puttering around my house working on little sewing projects, organizing and painting while jamming pandora. Finally did that sunday and I feel refreshed!



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