Friday, May 24, 2013

summertime = flowertime

earlier this week danielle and i decided to head to a nursery–the roof deck garden at home depot in lincoln park, to be specific. with the intention of buying outdoor flowers. in an attempt to plant them and... pause for shock... keep them alive ALL SUMMER LONG.

of course i love flowers and plants. but as i've discussed before, keeping them alive has never been a strong suit of mine. so we went with the easiest to care for–a miracle gro premium plant sold exclusively here in chicago that, if all goes as promised, should blossom tenfold into a big huge beautiful goliath-sized flowering plant in a matter of weeks. i'm sure these plants usually grow right on schedule, but with me at the helm, this lil' blush pink number i decided on is going to have to work for it.

but i'm going to try my best. i don't own a shovel, but being the scrappy lady that i am, i improvised with a spoon and got my hands dirty. (in white jeans, of course. idiot.) i gave it tons of water during the potting process just like the directions told me to.

then sat and enjoyed a lovely view of the parking lot my deck overlooks. sure the view isn't ideal, but the fresh air and sunshine combined with a hot soy latte and lovely fleurs was just what i needed to get myself energized and feeling good as i head into this long weekend.

tonight's a girls night and then i plan on visiting michigan to see my darling niece, sister, and brother-in-law. fun times, full steam ahead!

any plans for the holiday? anyone doing any gardening and care to share some tips?


  1. I planted flowers in white jeans, too! LOL! I just couldn't wait to plant them! :)

  2. I just dusted off my outdoor space and planted a shrub! The particular kind of shrub I planted, my mom later informed me, attracts mosquitos and can grow to be rather large. Ugh. But I'm enjoying it for now! Enjoy your flowers :)

  3. Is that vinca? It looks like what I plant every year and you are right, they will get HUGE and are a hardy plant. To make it gorgeous, use Miracle Grow fertilizer. I planted the light pink last year (pic is about halfway down):

    PS-They also LOVE heat! I planted coral pink vinca this year.

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  5. I planted a herb garden this year so I'm also hoping I can keep it alive. Whats the opposite of a green thumb?... because I have that.

  6. I can't wait to move so we can plant a fabulous little garden. Don't you just love Summer blooms?!

    Chelsea & The City

  7. i cannot keep a plant alive at all! :( i can't wait to see how yours turns out. i might need to try this kind!



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