Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ladyplace: Plans for the Bedroom and Shop the Alaina Collection at Biscuit Home!

i've said it once, but i'll say it again. the alaina collection is now available for sale at biscuit home! and i don't know if i've told ya'll, but i've been doing graphics for the brand, and this week, alaina is the star on the homepage. ch-ch-check it out.

 meet alaina.

she goes well with the classics. 

but loves a little whimsy.


so onto recent decorating schemes.

for my new bedroom, i plan on going all out alaina (the bedding) - mint, pink, girly. with the help of my design guru friend and bedding designer, bailey quin mccarthy, i'm taking the leap on a pretty exciting design for my ladyboudoir. are you ready for this...

the inspiration
statement headboard, whimsical sheets, monogrammed pillow cases, pink lamps. lady perfection.

the plan
so my interior design sensei suggested that i invest in a custom statement headboard. i said, ok! with a smile on my face and genuine excitement (despite the scary thoughts of multiple dollar signs running through my head). where to begin? fabric isn't my thing. lucky for me, it is very much so hers.

in exchange for me lending my name, bailey is so generously giving me my namesake bedding along with some fun accent pieces: this duvet, these euro shams, and these sheets. clearly we see a general theme of mint and pink - my favorite colors. so bailey set off in search of the perfect headboard fabric.
she texted me a photo of this:
to which said, "loooove the colors. don't love that there are little people on it."

she understood and went back to the drawing board. an hour or so later, my phone went off with this image:
yes, yes, yes! 

followed by my obligatory how much does it cost?

she said she'd find out. i waited patiently.

well... long story short. it's the uber fancy famous brand scalamandre - of the prancing zebra fame - and this fabric in particular - named arabella - was available through the brand's third floor outlet sale section on their website. what does that mean? it means 1. anyone can order from it. no industry designer code needed. and 2. i got this gorgeous fabric that was originally $157/yd for $38/yd! winning! my other interior designer friend alex berlin gave me the number of a reasonable upholsterer she works with, so for around $500, i'm getting a big beautiful custom headboard. considering i sold my last bed for $450, i'm only down $50 for this dreamy fluff to rest my head against. 

bringing in my white west elm nightstands, pink lamps, and pink geometric rug from my old place...
here's what i will have going on:
white walls...?

....or middleton pink walls?

thoughts? i know the pink wall graphic looks very pink, but the bedding is predominantly white and mint and the pink rug will barely be visible.

thank you, thank you, thank you bailey!


  1. You can always start with white walls and take the plunge later for pink! I personally like the pink : ) Lovely bedroom ideas!


  2. Middleton Pink needs to stake its claim on your bedroom walls. More is more! Love it all--excited to follow along--your design aesthetic inspires me to no end. Brava!

  3. i love the pink walls. and beside if you don't like it, you can always paint it white later. so excited for your headboard. it's going to look amazing!

  4. Oh, for sure, the pink walls! Looks so great!!

  5. Love the pink. Life is too short to have white walls, in my opinion. It's just paint - you can easily change it.

  6. what about the yellow or a lavendar from the headboard??

  7. I say go with white - the contrast is lovely.

  8. Love it all, love the pink walls go for it!
    Love your blog!

  9. So beautiful and lady-like! I love it! I saw go for the pink!! The headboard will have a nice contrast, it will be lovely!

  10. I love the pink walls. I say go for it!


  11. I think the pink actually looks great! Such a perfect lady-like bedroom!

  12. I must admit, and it's so not me, that I really love the pink walls. I think a subtle color would add that extra bit of feminine. Gorgeous plan!

  13. LOVE! This is basically my dream bedroom. Go pink or go home :)

  14. What I love about this is that it's seems very "Alaina"- it feels driven by your character and personal style rather than trends or someone else's vision.

    I would go with white walls for a fresher look but that's MY taste...So my advice would be stick with YOUR gut feeling!


  15. Go with the pink walls!! I love Bailey's taste and I think pushing the limits is always a must when designing. Go big or go home!

  16. I love love love biscuit prints and the mixing and matching so much, I've finally decided to take the plunge and get on board! Best of luck!

  17. Even though I'm normally a sucker for mostly neutrals (ie white) I think you should go with the pink! It's girly but not too much, and who knows how much longer you'll be able to make your place ultra girly!


  18. Middleton Pink for sure! Very English countryside-y and reminiscent of Kat's bedroom in her parent's house from The Wedding Date - all meant in good ways of course... You really know how to make it look less grandma and more modern girly cool!

  19. LOVE IT. glad to see you're going all out girly for the bachelorette pad.

  20. Such a great find, that fabric. Love the green and pink!



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