Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ladyplace: Plans for the Entryway

I love that my teensy apartment has a formal entryway. I find the separation of rooms charming, and I want to make a Wow! impact for guests when they arrive (and to put a smile on my own face when I walk through the door). Wallpaper is out of the budget and the question, because let's be honest, who knows how long I'll even live here... but I'm thinking stripes are a perfectly suitable alternative!

Behold: the inspiration
I definitely want to do vertical since it's a small space and no single wall is especially long. And I want slightly wider stripes (like the powder room shot above) - I'm worried thinner stripes will feel like a jail cell.

My entryway has been nothing special at all since moving in. Mostly a holding area for my old coffee table, shoes, and dog paraphernalia.
Until FINALLY, I was able to get a perfect entryway table. It was difficult finding the right size because it  couldn't be too deep, and I definitely wanted it to offer some kind of storage. I knew I wanted a light color since I was going to put black on the walls. 

This white wooden 3-drawered option from Overstock works perfectly!
It's also available in grey and a washed mint, both of which I was considering. But ultimately, I knew I wanted LIGHT and BRIGHT.

As you can see, that door straight ahead leads to my bedroom, but I've decided to leave it permanently closed since it's the only wall space in the bedroom that fits my dresser. (As you can see in my full apartment tour before I moved in, the bedroom has two entryways.)

You can also see I'm finally getting my letterpress European series framed properly thanks to affordable custom framing at Framed and Matted! Those will be hung here in the entry. But more on that later.

Still lusting after this French gilt mirror from Wisteria (which is conveniently out of stock). 

Not sure what I'll do about the rug. The jute one I got off Joss and Main simply isn't the right size and the door gets caught on it. Fooey. Maybe a flatweave from Dash and Albert. Don't know... we shall see. This is a heavy traffic area and the rug will get very dirty. But now I'd be hesitant to put dark or a pattern on the ground since I'm going striped walls.

Help! What do you all think?!

UPDATE: per reader Annie's suggestion, I moved some things around and instagrammed the new arrangement. LOVE it. The door looks like a great architectural accent instead of a secret, unused door. Thanks, Emily!


  1. What about shifting that entry table in front of the now immobile door? It might be more impactful straight ahead of you as you walk in the door. Plus the door itself would add visual interest to whatever mirror you place above the console. There's my two cents!

  2. The indoor outdoor rugs by dash and albert are great - I have a tan and white striped one in my mudroom and when it gets dirty, a good shake usually does it. If it's really bad, I've been known to throw it in the washer and it comes out looking like brand new.

    Good luck!

  3. If the space of the area makes it hard to find a well-fitting rug, what about using flor tiles? You could get a darker, but still bright solid, or even a print. http://www.flor.com/reoriented-pink.html

  4. yay stripes!!!!!! are you going to paint it or buy wall decals? and i think a dark rug may ground the room. so excited to see it! also, are you going to leave the door just white or are you going to do that too? i think it would be cool if you do part of your door the same color as the stripes and then hang art down the middle.

  5. I think that I love this!! And that is all... :) Can't wait to see more!

  6. I love Overstock! We got our dresser from there, and really like it.

  7. Have you thought about peel and stick wallpaper? This might be perfect! http://www.chasingpaper.com/collections/for-the-office/products/simple-stripe

  8. Obsessed with black + white stripes right now, so obviously I'm loving this look. Can't wait to see what you do with the space!

  9. I'm so excited to see how your entryway turns out! I think once you see how the walls turn out, you'll know what to do with the rug. Looks great already! On another note, I hope you do a post about Framed and Matted. I could definitely use some affordable framing (badly) but I found the website super confusing. Thanks!

  10. Would you consider a vintage persian or tribal rug? I've had really good luck finding them on ebay and you would only need a small one. I think the contrast between the vintage rug and the modern stripes would be cool. I have some in my house and I also have a chocolate lab - they hide all dog hair and dirt! Good luck, it looks great so far!

  11. This is so great! I can't wait to see what it looks like with the stripes. Have you considered an earthier jute rug to contrast all of the great modern details of your lady space?

    Chelsea & The City

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  12. Have you seen this stuff? May make this project so much easier! http://www.chasingpaper.com/collections/for-the-office/products/simple-stripe

  13. I have a feeling I'm going to like this makeover a whole lot! Can't wait!

  14. I'm obsessed with the black and white stripes so I can't wait to see what your entryway is going to look like!
    Also, obsessed with your rain boots! I LOVE THEM BOTH! Where did you get them from? :)

  15. A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

    Would it be a crazy idea to get a pink rug (maybe even have it bound in black)? That might seem too candy store for you (not sure). A pink trinket on the table would tie it together.

    I also love the Flor tile and the persian rug ideas that were previously mentioned.

    Can't wait to see what you do!

  16. I love a good striped entry way but I think it might be too much with the striped rug you have right there in your living room!

  17. Moving that table worked GENIUS! If you hang the mirror on the door, it may look even more like an architectural element.
    Anxious to see the stripes.
    Go girl!

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