Wednesday, September 4, 2013

my new hairs

I've had my hair the same way since I was a sophomore in high school. Long, straight, natural light brown color with the exception of getting highlights twice. I've always liked it just fine minus its complete lack of volume and tendency to get oily within 24 hours of a wash. My friends tell me I haven't damaged it enough. Rats.

So all is well and fine. Then my Chicago Magazine Singles article came out, and someone–an unidentified Elizabeth–left the following comment:

Your outfit looks great. What's holding you back is that hair! Long straight hair ain't doin nothin for ya. Cut it off to shoulder length...get some layers going...graduate to a more sophisticated style.


Well, Elizabeth. Shoulder length will NEVER ever happen on this girl. I love long hair on women, myself in particular. I think it's feminine and sexy and fun to flip around when I'm dancing. That being said, I was desperate for SOMEONE to help me with my volume situation.

Enter Andreas Zafiriadis, Chicago's leading hair stylist and owner of Salon Buzz on East Delaware Street. I visited the Streeterville location and three hours later emerged with my "more sophisticated style." Behold.

This place sure is perty. Chandeliers, zebra wood, and all.

Let's. Do. A Makeover!

So Andreas saw me and immediately said I had a face for "thick fringe." i.e. bangs. Whoa I was not ready for that. Maybe one day. But what we did do is lots and lots of layers and a darker rinse (my first one ever).
three inches off all around, six inches off in layers.
darker, fuller, fresher.

go me!

i'm still learning how to style it. there are some serious layers in the front that barely even go back into a pony (ahh! whadoido?!) my sis says a round brush is necessary. so i need to learn how to use that... more details to follow.

what's the craziest thing you've ever done with your hair?


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! I had short hair all through high school and grew it out for my wedding. I chopped over 10" off a few months later and have regretted it ever since. The darker wash makes your cut more sophisticated, too. Total hair envy!

  2. You look fantastic! I probably could use a course on keeping my hair fuller. Haha!


  3. Dark hair suits you well! And who cares about that Elizabeth chick. She can suck it.

    The craziest thing I did - allow myself to be a final hair exam model. I went from long hair -like yours- to shaved back of my head, purple hair with orange highlights. It took me 3 years to grow out. I've never felt less feminine than when my hair was that short.

    Darker = sultry and mysterious.

    xx A

  4. I love it! Looks much more professional! I've done so many bad things with my hair including: brown, blonde, red, black, long short. I think I'm finally sticking with something a little more neutral!

  5. I think your new cut looks great, although I must admit I liked your hair before too. It had an effortless ease to it. Now it has a bit more power to it.

    I take my hair seriously, but I regularly take risks with it. I've had short hair since my junior year in college and keep playing with it. I've shaved parts of it, permed parts of it, dyed it most colors. Right now I have a traditional pixie in my natural color & I'm loving it. I'd love to have long hair again, but I actually feel LESS feminine with it long.

    Although I envy anyone who has the ability to have a top knot :)

  6. It looks good but I think it would look awesome and thicker at a shorter length. Maybe just below your shoulders. Just an opinion--everybody has one, huh?

  7. Love it! The craziest thing I would say I've done with my hair is cutting 12 inches off and telling my lady to do whatever she wanted with it. I always get the same thing, 6 inches off and all over layers, so I figure it was a chance to do something completely new!

  8. my hair has been every color (blonde to black, and every color in the rainbow) and i have had everything from a bob to down to my waist. i stopped coloring my hair about a year and a half ago and now almost all of my hair is natural. i keep wanting to change it but this is so much easier and cheaper!

  9. I love the subtle change! I think layers and a little color was all you needed. I love long hair too and am so regretting cutting mine this Summer!

    Chelsea & The City

  10. The dark hair makes you look much older, perhaps that was your aim? In any event, I support your hairdresser's suggestion to give some fringe a try! More modern!

  11. I love the new look! I've always been pretty cautious with my hair too. I had terrible bangs when I was growing up and I was so thankful when I finally grew them out in fifth grade! I wasn't a big fan of bangs until Jennifer Aniston did the "side swept" bang a while back. Since then, I've been fan. It was still a big change for me to go back to bangs! This time my bangs are a little more sophisticated and a little less fifth grade-ish.

  12. I wouldn't knock shoulder length hair on you, I think you'd look really pretty and can pull it off but I do like long hair too so there is that. I like the layers, it's nice because it gives you a bit of a change but doesn't look like you cut a lot off.

  13. Holy Moly that looks good


  14. You do look beautiful but perhaps try a different parting style? Anyone with a middle part and a lot of volume can look a little...awkward.

    LOVE the color!

  15. I think it was great before AND after. It feels nice to have a new 'do sometimes.

    Stick to your guns and your own opinion on your hair. It is amazing and I know it takes dedication to grow it out.

  16. I'm like you; LOVE long hair! Mine had been waist length for the best of 12 years before I started experimenting. I had a fringe (bangs) cut and had it chopped to bra strap length with a lot of the weight taken out by layers. Round brush is great for styling, as are straighteners. Go you for trying something different though. It's a scary proposition. xx

  17. I love both looks! And that nasty comment: shrug it off!! People can be so rude sometimes!!

  18. I think it looks great! I love the dark hair as well! That comment was definitely uncalled for.

  19. I think your new hair looks lovely! The layers will definitely help with the volume situation.

    I wonder if I should get layers in mine again. My hair is about half way down my back at this point and I usually curl or wave it. I wonder if layers would actually work with what I do with it?

  20. Elizabeth (Not the snarky one!)September 6, 2013 at 11:28 AM

    I think the darker color and layers really suit you! I also think you would LOVE the effect of hot rollers. You can put them in, do your thing and 20 minutes later, Kate Middleton hair.

    I once tried Ashley Judd's haircut from 'Someone Like You. Not even remotely flattering on my chipmunk cheeks.

  21. I've ALWAYS thought you would look amazing with bangs! This looks awesome. and yes, round brush!

  22. I sort of agree about being more brave with your hair- my mom is a hair dresser so I've had so many different styles and colours, mostly I like being a medium blonde but I've had everything from cute short cuts to long and natural and sleek bobs inbetween..It sort of like someone having a house all in beige, or wearing full beige outfits everyday for 10 years- gets boring. A hair change is the best seriously:)

  23. The new hair color brightens your complexion (which was already beautiful). It is sophisticated. It suits you.

    Your new cut is beautiful. You'd also look great in a shoulder length cut. What's important is how you feel wearing it.

    Truly ... Hair is like any accessory and fashion style.. When we feel good in it, we rock it.

  24. Good for you! Love the layers and darker hue. I have to admit that I agree both your stylist and Elizabeth, you're such a stunner but your old do wasn't doing you any justice. I understand where you're coming from on keeping the length, but there's something so sophisticated and confident about shorter coif. I routinely grow my mane out then lop it all off in a donation to Locks For Love - it's such an amazing change every time!



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