Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I wish...

... it's not another six years before I make it back to Europe. I can't express how happy that continent makes me. All of it. European culture, the architecture, the food, the history, and the languages... it is my happy place (with Paris at the epicenter of said happiness).

We will be doing full recaps of our travels on The Everygirl sometime within the next two weeks so stay tuned for those. I'll be sure to post links as soon as it happens. Danielle took so many insanely beautiful photos with her fancy camera; I did my best with my baby Nikon. I keep telling her she ought to sell some of her photos as prints. Fingers crossed I can convince her. I know I want some for my own place. Just wait and see!

So we are back from Europe, jetlagged, with a mountain of work to do. Sorry for the silence the past ten days! My laptop died the first day I was there and my charger blew the fuse, killing the charger altogether.

In other news: Biscuit has a sale going on to celebrate their one year anniversary - 20% off site-wide! Congrats to Bailey and the team! And here on Live Creating Yourself, I have an exciting giveaway tomorrow!



  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures from your travels! Danielle should definitely sell prints, I agree. Her images are beautiful!

  2. you look great. europe is so your place. i can't wait to see all the pictures. if danielle sells prints, i want one.

  3. Im glad your charger blew etc... so you could spend more time enjoying each day! Looking forward to seeing all the photos. You outfit were all very Euro and beautiful.

  4. My husband, Michel, and I just returned from Spain and Paris and feel much the same about Europe: it's our happy place. The food, history, languages, and romantic culture are things everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. I'm looking forward to your future posts (they'll whisk me back if only for a moment). : )

  5. Wow, these photos (video) are awesome of you standing by the fountain! How cool! I assume Danielle did this?! She's so stinking talented! Glad you're back, I have to admit I have been missing the blog, but like another reader said, I'm glad you weren't able to post, so you could enjoy every fabulous moment of Europe!



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