Tuesday, October 1, 2013

to do

This morning I packed up my things and headed to the nearby Starbucks. I hope that getting out of the house will aid in the productivity necessary to tackle today's to do list...

1. finalize graphics for decorBase
2. outreach emails for decorBase
3. design ad for Biscuit
4. web graphics for Biscuit
5. plan for panel tomorrow afternoon w/ Starwood Hotels
6. meet with web programmers
7. finalize Fizz56/Everygirl dream room design #1
8. finalize Fizz56/Everygirl dream room design #2
9. call and schedule Chicago restaurants to review
10. secret Everygirl project #1
11. secret Everygirl project #2
12. write and layout Thursday's feature
13. walk, feed, play with dogs
14. stop by AT&T to set up new phone
15. cook and eat meals somewhere in there?
16. online shopping and planning for next weekend's Vegas Bachelorette Party
17. see Langhorne Slim tonight at Lincoln Hall

Unfortunately, I didn't check the forecast so I dressed for fall. It's supposed to be 82 today.

sweater, Lilla P // jeans, Henry & Belle ankle zip // bag, Nila Anthony ($80!) // shoes, Cole Haan


  1. so much to do so little time! good luck :) xx

  2. Sounds like you might be a little busy ;)
    I made the mistake of dressing for fall as well. Fortunately it's only supposed to get to 75 today so it's not as bad.


  3. Have a great time at Langhorne Slim. I saw him in Philadelphia last week, and he was great! I had been wanting to see him for awhile, and was not disappointed.


  4. so much to do! i am on the email list for decorbase! so excited. also, please convince bailey that she needs to have navy border duvets. because i want some biscuit bedding but need navy and white.

    ps i know i haven't emailed you back yet, it's on my list!

  5. Dang, you have a lot to do! Sounds like some fun stuff in there though, so it's not all bad. At least your outfit is cute, even if the weather is being crazy. I'm so excited for decorBase to launch...I applied for the job posted on The Everygirl and still hoping to get it..fingers crossed!

  6. I did the same thing today - I'm so excited for fall to arrive but my scarf is making me boil this afternoon!

  7. Oh I've been looking for the perfect inexpensive satchel for ages and you may have just saved me! Do you mind me asking how convincing the faux leather is?

  8. I almost wrote a list of everything I had to do but was too busy so I posted my new favorite (and very budget friendly) hoodie.

    yay for our top secret project!

  9. Gosh your to do list makes me tired just looking at it! How do you do it all?

  10. That is one heckova list!

    We are certainly getting summer weather today but you'll be spending part of it indoors (with air conditioning, I presume), so the sweater should be comfy.

    Good luck today!

  11. I can't imagine you ever have time to sleep :)

  12. Love the outfit and hope you were successfully able to power through that to do list!



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