Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ladyplace: Sprucing Up the Entryway

Anyone who follows me on Instagram has seen the updates happening in my home. I've gotten a lot done - the only big project left is painting the bedroom which I know will happen one random Saturday when I feel like it. As for the rest of the apartment, I'm in that stage of editing. Changing out things I thought would work, rearranging furniture and accents, seeing what works best where, completely eliminating plans I had to try something new, probably in favor of something easier.

This most notably happened in the entryway, which I thought I wanted to paint black and white striped.
Alas, I realized that was too lofty a task to take on, and I had the idea for a gallery wall in mind all along. I thought it would be too busy with stripes behind it.

Behold, the entryway when I first moved in...  not where the desk is, but that area in the back right of the photo. It was essentially a holding room for items I didn't know what to do with. I quickly sold the large Ikea mirror...

...and picked up a rug off Joss and Main and this little console table from Overstock. Note that's one of the two doors into my bedroom.

Rearranged it a bit to be more eye-catching when you walk in. Lovely, yes. Alas, nothing special.

So as you've seen with my living room gallery wall, I've amassed a sizable collection of black and white art, most of which is my own (so can we really call it art? sure we can). I still had a good selection that didn't make the cut for the living room display. Black and white photos from my travels, my European monument sketches, art I picked up in Paris, a New Orleans street sign, a page torn from a J.Crew catalogue... you know. High-end, museum quality stuff. So I opted to hang it all floor to ceiling in the entryway. Completely fill the space.

Not going to lie. I think it turned out awesome.

(Please excuse the crappy quality photos. This was shot in the middle of the day - that's how little natural light my entry gets.)

Either way, as you can see, my rug was NOT holding up for this high traffic area. Between all the snow, the thaw, the rain, dogs, my boots, etc., the light jute quickly stained and has been getting worse by the day.

Commence Sprucing Up Scene 2.

Enter my new polka dot rug from Lulu and Georgia!
(Technically called the Pinhole Rug on their site.)
I knew I needed a dark color to mask all the dirt settling in this area, and the polka dots are too fun. A perfect alternative to my original plan for stripes.

Now I just need a larger mirror. Still dreaming about this gilt guy.

Can't wait for John and Maura to step in and photograph this space properly.
But for now, Tucker approves. And that's saying something.

See how other bloggers, including Danielle, styled their Lulu & Georgia goodies on the L&G blog!

And... you can do some sprucing of your own with Lulu and Georgia! Just use the discount code NEWYEARSPRUCEUP20 to get 20% off your purchase now thru Sunday, February 2nd! Yay! Free honey for everybody!


  1. Wow I do really love the gallery looks awesome! The rug was a great choice too.

  2. It looks amazing! I'm loving the floor-to-ceiling gallery wall and those polka dots are so much fun. Everything is coming together so well!

    Chelsea & The City

  3. I love seeing all the updates and I have to agree your entry looks awesome now! The run, the floor to ceiling gallery wall and of course the console table. What a welcome to your lady place!

    - Jaime

  4. Thank you for showing the different stages during your editing process! It really helps to see how all the little changes can really transform a space.

  5. I really love the gallery wall! It really does look amazing.


  6. It looks so great! I agree with all of the other comments that gallery walls are just amazing!

  7. looks great! and so glad tuck approves. he is so cute!

  8. the gallery wall looks amazing and the rug-- how fun!

  9. black and white perfection! looks great. and everything is better with polka dots!

  10. I love when you share photos of your home. Your previous home tours really inspired me to get creative with decorating my apartment.

  11. I LOVE what you've done. Speaking of large mirrors, have you seen the new Songe mirror from Ikea?



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