Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ladyplace: The Bar

There are a few projects I have to left to complete - one being the bar area in my living room. Let's start at the beginning.

Pre-moving in. Here's the wall we're now working with. Right off the entryway...

Here's a photo shortly after I moved in. Clearly had no direction for what this home would look like. Color, hodgepodge of belongings all over the place... too much stuff for the smaller apartment!

The bar has moved from the Ikea expedit, to Danielle's old entryway table (which sold in my virtual yard sale), to my uber fancy and legit Society Social Worth bar cart. But I was sticking with how I've always styled it: colorful and perty with mint, pink, and yellow accents.

My Society Social barcart arrived in time for Christmas...

Alas, that wall just felt too bare, especially knowing that the tree was only a temporary fixture (despite my deepest wishes for Christmas to be a year-round celebration).

So I rearranged. Again.

And ended up with this...
Much better for the room as a whole! It feels so much more open having the TV against that wall. (And before any of you ask about the couch and TV being perpendicular, I actually love laying on the sofa at night to watch the tele - so this works out perfectly! Even if I'm sitting, I fluff up pillows behind my and have my legs stretched out. This way I don't have to turn my neck to the side.)

Alas - this wall. Still just... meh. 
I've gathered the pieces I haven't known what else to do with (mirror, crystal ball lamp, coffee table books, etc.) Nothing really goes. It needs help.

Well, I had trouble falling asleep last night and let my brain wander the Internet...

A sassy-meets-classy bar for a ladyplace!

chandelier print | boat print | zebra stripes print | spots print | mirror ball | vertical shelves | Society Social bar cart | Ikea mirror | Lulu and Georgia chair (sold in set of two, other would go at my desk) | leopard velvet pillow | "press for champagne" button | Serena and Lily lighting fixture

Almost entirely small companies, women-run businesses, Etsy shops, and artists which I think is very apropos for a small-business-owner home.

And yes - that is a "PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE" button. Brilliant.

If it all turns out, it will look something like...
Probably need one more piece to fill in that gap but I was eyeballing dimensions of art here so what's on the wall isn't set in stone. Speaking of the wall, note my walls are actually white but look grey in this photo.

So yea! I'm loving this general direction. Sticking with neutrals in the living area and doing color in my bedroom. It works! Can a home have too many gallery walls? Hmm nah... I don't think so.

Yay! Good plan.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that you can get that exact same set of Safavieh chairs on Overstock for about $275 :) I just bought 6 for my dining room and was pretty happy with the quality!

  2. I love the new arrangement! I think it works a lot better and looks a lot less crowded! Love the bar cart- I want to get one of my own soon!

  3. oh i love it! it is going to look amazing! and i am all about the simple color scheme.

  4. AHHHHH!!! Perfection!! <3 I love your style so much! I'm with Michelle on the simple color scheme-- I'm a sucker for neutrals! ;)

  5. oh, yes! Loving that velvet leopard pillow and Lulu & Georgia chair.

  6. Love Love Love the whole wall......The press for Champagne is out of this world! That's Lisa Golightly right??

  7. Oh that layout works so well with the TV on the other wall. I love that you changed it up, and I too almost never sit straight on a couch! It fits very cleanly.

    And that little press for champagne button, I need that, but for G&T!

  8. I am obsessed with the "ring for champagne" sign! Thank you for bringing this much needed wall decor into my life!

  9. Looks great! I love that you kept it simple; renting with white walls can be tough, but luckily neutrals are always in. At least that's what I keep telling myself. That leopard pillow has a special place in my heart if only I can convince my husband!



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