Friday, February 7, 2014

Ladyplace: Making an Office in a Living Room

For the first time since I moved downtown five years ago, I don't have a separate office in my apartment. Transitioning from 2+ bedroom apartments to a one bedroom has meant my living room is also my office. Fortunately, the transition to working in my main living area has been fine. I don't have any difficult walking away when I've had enough work. I cook (yea - I do that now! What?!), walk the dogs, go to the bedroom to read, take a bath, or just kick back and watch tv, ignoring the ever-present desk and computer.

That being said, it's not so much the living/working combo that bothers me so much as the lack of an organized work space. For storage and papers and product and shipping materials and files and office equipment et al. With the addition of a product line, managing part-time editors, and my new printer that's lived on the floor for the past two months, I need to get my "office" in proper working order. It's not just me, the ole iMac, and a glass of wine working late nights anymore.

So I've made a few small changes in the living space. Drastic to me. Barely noticeable to anyone else.

When I decided to move the desk by the window, I had it far over to the left, practically against the radiator. Notice you can fit an entire pouf between the desk and the end table next to the sofa.

I've also struggle with what to do on that wall by the desk. Months ago, I posted this instagram and asked for ideas!

Meanwhile I've had my beloved DIY bulletin board hiding under my bed, waiting for a spot. I can't bring myself to part with it; it's so practical and pretty and a lot of labor and love went into making it. The main reason I hadn't hung it was because I lost the hanging tools it came with. Little did I know you can go to the hardware store and pick up a "photo hanging kit." Very simple w/ a drill. Took two seconds.

And bam! I hung the bulletin board, complete with spring wardrobe inspiration, some personal mementos, and a TEG editorial calendar (even though we work primarily in Google docs).
I moved my CB2 folding table over there for the sake of seeing what it would look like. Finally got the printer off the floor.

Stepping back...
 It's like a little office!

(Excuse the mess in the kitchen. And yes, the giant dog bed is a part of my life and my home.)

But... I needed more storage in that nook. And quite frankly really loved having the gold folding table next to the couch like it was here...


I'd been eyeing this other CB2 piece - the rolling peekaboo shelves - but the price point just wasn't in the budget. Did a little rummaging through my desk drawers and wallet, and it turns out I have a CB2 gift card from ages ago and a Visa gift card also from ages ago. Enough to put a huge dent in the $350 price tag! I called the store to make sure they accept Visa gift cards. They do. So I was planning on going today to get it.

When all of a sudden, I clicked on the Joss and Main sale that popped up in my inbox last night. And look what was on sale!
For $250 no less! Checked my J&M credit... awesome, I had enough.

Wham. Bam. Got it for "free."

I'm thinking I'll put the printer in the middle shelf, files on the bottom, and make the top look practical and lovely at the same time. Yay!

All of CB2's "lucite" peekaboo items are in the LA Modern sale - for less than CB2 sells them for! Coffee table, console table, side table, you name it. Check it out!

So the gold folding table can go back by the sofa. Not sure where that ceramic garden stool will end up living. Might have another yard sale.

You'll also see back in the corner this new floor lamp from the kind folks at Kenroy Home!

Darling thing really. And great price point on Amazon! I love how it adds height to that corner where before the gallery wall just kind of ended and there was this big blank wall.

So that's that! I'll have more updates on the new tv and bar areas since I switched that up as well.

Sorry for the dodgy photos. Literally shot them this morning on my iPhone. 
But hey - it's a post! Go me!

Happy weekend!

And re: the yard sale. Almost everything sold save for the rectangular mirror. Which makes me happy because I realized I needed it anyway. Thank you everyone!


  1. Is that a Dash & Albert rug? I've been looking for a tan and creme striped rug for awhile now and I love yours!! Tell me more! :)

  2. Sometimes little changes are the best ones. Love your ideas!

  3. YAYYY! I love seeing your home updates.. can't wait for it to be finished!

  4. Looking great. When my husband and I lived in an apartment a little smaller than yours (yeah TWO people), getting storage off the floor was a game changer. We did an all white hanging shelves across one end of the apt. It housed books, media, and bar stuff....and it was nestled around our wall-mounted TV (another game changer for small spaces). Gotta use that vertical space!

  5. It's looking fabulous! I have my "office" in our bedroom but I find that having it in there stresses me out. I'm thinking of taking the plunge and transitioning to the living room soon.

    Chelsea & The City

  6. It's looks great. If the snow ever melts, I would love to visit!

  7. I absolutely love your gold circular coffee table; would you be able to share where you purchased it?

  8. Alaina!!! YOU"RE on YAHOO!!! Well, your Expedit shelf anyway :) I recognized it right away!!!!!

  9. The lucite shelves will be amazing since they take up almost "no" space! Love it!



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