Thursday, February 6, 2014

LCY Yard Sale!

When I downsized apartments over the summer, I clung like any good hoarder would to a few near and dear items I didn't want to part with. Worrisome thoughts raced through my mind: What if I need them in my next apartment? What if I need them for a photo shoot? What if I never find anything like it again?

Well, my closets and basement storage are officially overflowing, and I've realized, Alaina, it's time. Let someone else enjoy these gems.

So here I am again selling off some of my belongings. Note I listed the asking price and "or best offer" because I know some of these items are highly sought after and because some of these items might not sell... and I need to eliminate. So after 24 hours (Friday at noon CST), I'll choose the best offer. I'll let you know when you email if someone has offered more and if you want to counter.

Email me at with the item name and your offer!
Cash and carry within the week. No shipping.

May the best lady win!

4 vintage bentwood chairs - $150 or best offer
they are not in perfect condition; they creak a little but they look great.

vintage mirror - $100 or best offer
best to lean and not hang, 25" x 35"

antique runner from Istanbul - $150 or best offer
9'4" x 32", usually sells from $300+

5x8' rug from Lulu and Georgia - $100 or best offer
gently used, retails for $374

console table - $100 or best offer
34"w x 20"d x 30"h, hidden storage, originally from Wisteria for $250

patterned pouf - $45 or best offer
retails online for $200+

mirror - $150 or best offer
32" around, includes proper hanging supplies, retails online for $315+


  1. What a great idea! I didn't realize your apartment had a basement

  2. I'm so sad you live so far away...I would buy so many items!

  3. I LOVED that round mirror since you first got it. Wish I was local. :-(



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