Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life lately...

Hey world! (Or maybe I should just say "Hey, Mom!" since, let's be honest, she's probably the only one left checking in over here.) Things are busy as always! Busy but great! This month a bit more so...

I went to California for a few days a week or so ago and came home to a letter from my property management that my rent is going up at the end of the lease. It will be more than I can or want to pay so I decided to move! And it's much easier to find apartments in the off-season (NOT summer, July, when my lease is actually up), so I've decided to move out early.

So this month I am:
- traveling for work to NYC
- showing my apartment to try and get it subleased for May and June
- doing media outreach in preparation for the launch of decorBase.com (next week!)
- writing, memorizing, and giving a keynote to the communications school at Illinois State
- finishing up styling projects and making a few changes around this apartment (bar area, "office," kitchen shelves, art in bedroom)
- shooting my home tour w/ the Stoffers (also next week!)
- immediately after that I am packing up said apartment and moving
- and the usual meetings and work for TEG while trying to maintain healthy relationships outside of work
- oh and my niece will be born sometime between now and the first week of May so a trip up to Michigan is in order

I had a wee little-stress-fest last night quickly quelled by a big bowl of mom's homemade chili and a 9:45 pm bedtime. Up at 6 am to conquer the day! (Yes, I need as much sleep as a toddler.)

What's new with ya'll? Anything exciting happen in my absence?


  1. I'm still checking in at Live Creating Yourself! Still love your blog and love to know what's going on with your life :) I have moved almost every year since my freshman year of college, and although packing and moving is awful, making a new place home is always fun too! - Melissa

  2. I 'm also still checking in. You are an absolute inspiration for home decor to me! Please show us your new place.

  3. Glad the chile helped!! Love you!

  4. I am in Chicago and unfortunately have to move this spring as well. Did you already find your apartment? If you have started looking, do you use any apartment finding services, or just Craigslist?

    Any tips or advice for Chicago apt hunting would be appreciated, thanks!!

  5. I'll read you when you write, I am also a blogger that has gone MIA more frequently in the last few months, life has it's own timing and it's very sweet of you to make time for updates...you are so real and that's what makes your blog a keeper in my inbox! sending best vibes your way, cheers to living and blogging about a REAL life well lived, Alexandra

  6. Wow you have a ton on your plate! It'll be exciting to move though and have a blank canvas to think about when you need to put everything else to the side! Good luck with it all!
    PS- I always get excited when you post, even if it's little updates like these!

  7. I really like your posts and am always happy when I see a new one!
    Moving out is so exciting! A fresh start, new ideas, new projects, new places to go shopping,... I've never been to Chicago but I'm sure many beautiful places are just there, waiting for you to visit them :)

  8. Looks like you're keeping yourself busy in the best way possible. Also, I seriously have no idea how you keep moving. It's super impressive! xo

  9. So jealous you get to work with the Stoffers and I can't wait to see what you do with your next wonderful appartment!

  10. Here too :) Take it easy lovely Alaina xx

  11. I love how you are not afraid to take on new challenges! It's fun to see what you can do with an apartment...looking forward to your next place:)
    You and Danielle and your blogs are great, even with space between posts, hey, you're busy!


  12. I allways check your blog =) .. Greetings from México!!



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